Hours before PGI 2018 kicks off, we caught the Turkish representatives Oyun Hizmetleri eSports and grabbed a quick chat with their support player Mehmet “tmhMM” Yıldırım.

The Turkish team qualified to PUBG Global Invitational 2018 — a $2 million dollar tournament by PUBG Corp — via the Middle East and North Africa qualifier. The tournament saw 20 of the best teams in the region make their way through the online phase and battle it out for a spot in PGI 2018 as well as $34,000 in prize money.

The likes of Beşiktaş e-Sports Club, Dark Passage, and many other notable teams entered the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul with their eyes set on the first place. But in the end, it was the young and relatively unknown Oyun Hizmetleri eSports who came out victorious. They confidently overcame their opponents and at the end of the qualifier remained the leaders in both placement and kills by a margin.

tmhMM and his team had more than a month to prepare for PUBG’s biggest event of the year, and even with big teams like Liquid, Natus Vincere, or Ghost Gaming in attendance, the Turkish players remain confident in their own ability.

In a quick interview, with his teammates still actively preparing for the opening match of the tournament in the background, tmhMM revealed some of the inner workings of his team.

Vie: Tell us a bit about the Turkish scene. Where is it in terms of the level of teams?

I think we have a lot of talented players but esports is still improving in Turkey and we need a bit more time to reach a top level.

Vie: Did you practice with the teams for other regions at all? 

We didn’t have the chance to play a lot with them because as a full team, the four of us, have been playing together for only two months. We get along pretty well. We had some time to analyze the other teams and if we stick to our strategies I think we will be fine.

Vie: So you are confident heading into the PGI?

We are pretty confident in ourselves as a team and as long as we stick to our strategies we will be fine.

Vie: What are your goals for this tournament? What result would you be happy with?

Of course we are here for the first place. We won’t be happy with anything less than the first place.

Vie: Which teams will you be looking out for?

All of the competitors are pretty good but we are prepared for all of them.

Vie: Do you think you will have a disadvantage against more LAN experienced teams?

We prepared very well and we think we are ready and it kind of removes the pressure. Our players are experienced in LAN tournaments from other games as well, so we don’t think we will be feeling any different than other competitors.

Vie: What are your thoughts on the inclusion of the TPP tournament? How much time did you invest to prepare for it?

TPP is not our main mode of choice but we prepared for it as well.

PUBG Global Invitational 2018 starts 25th July, 19:00 CEST.

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