Vaevictis shocked everyone earlier this year after the announcement that their new roster in the Continental League (LCL) will feature a fully female roster. Team’s ADC Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova talked about her first experiences with the new team.

The big announcement has immidiately divided the community into skeptics, who believe that girls will face failure, and enthusiasts, who supported the idea and stood behind it.

The first games for the all female team were less than successful — Vaevictis suffered defeat in all three of their games so far, facing the best teams in the region. But according to team’s marksman, the girls weren’t aiming for the top spots in the first place.

Vaevictis AD Carry Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova talked about her story of joining League of Legends, the mood for the upcoming split, about her dream opponent, chances against other ADCs in the region and much more.

Hi, Ksenia. Tell me a little bit about yourself. How did you start playing League of Legends?

I met League of Legends almost 9 years ago. I played with friends some World of Warcraft, and when we got together again, they sat in Skype and discussed another game, then gradually they started to go to WoW less and less, but I didn’t want to lose contact with them, and I asked: “What are you playing?”.

And then they gave a link to the client, and together we started playing on the NA server, with 999 ping (laughs).

Is this your first experience performing on a similar scale? Is the team nervous?

Of course the first one. Everyone is worried, but there’s no panic among the girls, we’ll just play our game and try to only get better with each tournament week.

What can you tell about the team, how are the girls set up, what do you say about your level of the game?

We are staying positive. The level of the game with us, of course, is not very high so far. Especially with respect to the players of the Continental League, but I believe that if you work very hard, the level of playing will rise.

You are the first fully female compositions in the history of professional League of Legends. Feel any burden of responsibility?

I do, but in reality I still do not understand what is happening. The girls, I think, are as well. So there is no strong pressure.

What are your expectations? What is the minimum and what is the maximum?

The minimum task is not to give up the game before 30 minutes, the maximum task is to win, of course.

Like ADC, who would you like to meet on the lane?

There is one, but he does not play in our region. But maybe I can still meet him in the game in some publicity stunt (laughs).

Is it Martin “Rekkles” Larsson?

Damn, I guess (laughs).

Do you think you can play as an equal against Blatsing, Unho1y and Lodik?

A bot is a lane about two players, everything is in our hands with our support. But to say “on equal terms” is a bit much.

You will be closely monitored by the entire community. Worried about this?

When I was still a LoL manager in 2017, I always told the guys that I couldn’t even imagine how they could sit quietly on the stage, play calmly and not worry. This moment will knock me out of my comfort zone very much, but I will have time to get used to it.

Do you want to say something for your fans?

I was very surprised that, despite the many negative comments, there are still people who root for us, this is a direct shock. I want to tell all of them that we really have little chance, but after the first week we will build our training schedule and begin to train in full force. I believe that by the end of the split, we will perform much better than at the beginning. Thanks again for staying with us.


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