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According to the rumours, already in September we will get to know the list of participants of the League of Legends Champions Korea franchise. However, Korizon has already published a list confirming the submission of twenty-one applicants.

Currently, the games in Korea are divided into two divisions. LCK counts the best ten, while in the back supporters runs the competition of eight teams, which in the spring-summer system can secure a promotion to the local leaders. Soon the game mode will change and there will be a well-known franchise model pioneered in Europe and North America. In recent weeks, organizations have been able to apply, and today a list of interested parties has been disclosed.

On this list we have all participants of the summer season of LCK and eight teams from CK, with the exception of Griffin, as well as new brands that want to join the show. Most notably Game Republic Inc., the Norwegian organization OmakenSports, WGS Phoenix and WDG. Despite earlier announcements, it is no use to look for NRG and FaZe Clan who have decided not to apply even after submitting a non-binding letter of intent.

Current LCK teams that applied:

T1, GenG Esports, DRX Global, Damwon Gaming, KT Rolster, Afreeca Freecs, SeolHaeOne, Hanwha Life Esports, Team Dynamics, and Sandbox Gaming.

CK teams that applied:

ESC Shane (former bbq Olivers, Seorabeol Gaming), Awesome Spear, RunAway, JinAir, Element Mystic, hyFresh Blade, and OZ Gaming.

Outside teams that applied:

Game Republic Inc., OmakenSports, WGS Phoenix, and WDG.

It is worth noting that Pittsburgh Knights and Treasure Hunter, both of which previously submitted a letter of intent, will each be entering into a partnership with one of the other applicants instead.

By the way, alongside the list of teams is worth mentioning about the monetary requirements that must be met to become part of the closed LCK league. According to information made available a few days ago, current top-class teams (currently in the LCK) will be required to pay about $ 8.2 million, while new teams will have to go deeper into their pockets because it is unofficially said to be between $10 and $12 million.

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