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The recruitment command of the US Army announced the opening of an esports team for the armed forces. Participants will compete on behalf of the troops in computer game tournaments. According to the military, they want to get closer to a younger audience.

The fact that the US Army wants to create an esports team (or even more than one), became known on November 10. This was written by staff sergeant Ryan Mou. He explained that army esports athletes would compete across the country. In addition, they will test simulations and training programs that are developed for military purposes.

As Mou explained, such a unit should appear in the army and that the soldiers themselves asked for it. They also proved to the leadership that this way the army can get closer to a younger audience and overcome stereotypes about the service. According to him, people will be able to see that in the military service there can be many different career opportunities.

The composition of the esports team plan to collect not from recruits. Now directly applying to the army, civilians or veterans can apply for participation in it.

In addition to the esports team, the US military plans to gain a fitness staff. They will also represent the army at competitions.

On November 14, in the comments on, this information was confirmed by the spokesman for the US Army Recruiting Command, Kelly Bland. The army will select for several disciplines. While aware of her plans for Tekken and League of Legends. All participants will work on the Fort Knox base. In December, the armed forces will arrange a Tekken championship, the winner of which will present the army at PAX South in January.

In September 2018, military speaker Hank Minitrez told ABC News that the US army would be looking for recruits in esports. According to Minitrez, in 2019 the army will work more with potential employees through social media and will continue to cooperate with major esports organizations. For the current year, the US army received 6,500 fewer recruits than planned.

In January 2018, the United States Air Force sponsored ELEAGUE Major Boston 2018. At the major, Air Force Sergeant awarded Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham with the MVP championship cup. After the tournament, the parties extended cooperation to several ELEAGUE tournaments in CS: GO, but representatives of the Air Force assumed that they would start collaboration in other disciplines.

In July 2018, the US Air Force became a partner of Cloud9. The agreement is valid until May 2019. Together with the army, the club will release several clips about the team, players will fly in a fighter jet, and will also become familiar with the work of the sappers.

For the first time, the US Army became interested in computer games in 2000. Then the armed forces invested in the project America’s Army – a free first-person shooter game in which users could try on the various roles of the military.

According to, over 10 years of development, the US government has invested 32.8 million USD in the game. Since 2013, America’s Army: Proving Grounds shooter is available on Steam.

The headquarters of the US armed forces has already created a profile of the esports team on social networks. Pages are available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch.

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