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In March 2020, Alex “ALEX” McMeekin’s career slowed down considerably. Briton after Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020, at his own request, landed on the bench of Team Vitality. But it is possible that we will soon see him competing on the highest level after a queue of interested teams has set out after him. However, they will have to take into account considerable expenditure.

As Guillaume “neL” Canelo from 1pv site informed, Vitality was to demand as much as 600,000 dollars for its player, which for many organizations can be simply a deterrent. But is it for everyone? It is hard to say because according to neL, interest in ALEX’s services was to be expressed by such formations as FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Gen.G Esports, FunPlus Phoenix and c0ntact Gaming. It seems that for at least some of them putting up over half a million dollars for the British leader is quite a viable option. Vitality itself took the floor on this matter and made a short statement:

“We are fully compatible with ALEX when it comes to its presence on the transfer list. These types of things, as always, take time, but we are currently talking with several teams and everything is developing satisfactorily. We hope that we will be able to finalize negotiations in the coming weeks,” Vitality said in a statement.

McMeekin has been a player in the French formation since December 2018. During this time he and his team managed to reach, among others for the EPICENTER 2019 championships, Esports Championship Series Season 7 and cs_summit 4, as well as take the place on the podium at several other prestigious events. 

However, three months ago he decided to step down from the squad, tired of constant travels and the pressure of appearing at subsequent tournaments. “I felt that I would not enjoy playing, that I would receive a salary, not giving my all. And when I do something, I would like to be 100% involved,” he explained then.

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