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After several months of applying Rise of the Elements to Teamfight Tactics, it was time for change. This time, Riot Games will take us on an intergalactic journey, which will bring us new character classes and their origin, unprecedented mechanics and refreshed graphics.

With the departure of RotE, we will also say goodbye to hexes fortified with the element. This does not mean that Riot was not happy with the changes implemented in November. The Hexes have fulfilled their task to a large extent, but they did not introduce as much difference in the approach to the game as the team working on TFT would like. Therefore, with the advent of Galatyks, some games will be played on unprecedented rules. So far two of them have been disclosed.

The game can take us to the Neekowersum, which will mean that each player at the start will receive two copies of the item Help Neeko, which allows you to clone the basic version of the unit. In the second scenario, the first carousel will contain only category 4 heroes. As many as 10 such scenarios are to be available at its peak, so we are waiting for their disclosure.

So far, we’ve met three new unit origin tags. These are Star Guardians who will grant the rest of this type of character mana points after their spell, Cybernetic players who will receive additional attack damage and health if equipped with the item, as well as Mech Pilots who will connect at the start of each fight into the cosmic machine of destruction.

New (and older) character classes are also known. Mages will increase their ability power, Sword Masters will have the chance to perform an additional attack on hit, and the Destroyers will stun enemies with each spell cast.

The developers’ blog also reveals several other classes and origins, but does not explain their operation. We can therefore only speculate on the basis of the name in which direction the changes are going.

  • Classes:  Infiltrator, Destroyer, Initiator, Mana Thief (although it can also be of origin).
  • Origin:  Astral, Chrono, Rebel, Valkyrie.

This is all the information disclosed so far. We have to wait for more details until the end of the week.

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