A lot of impressions resurface with the final match of Esports Championship Series Season 6 behind us, both good and bad. We take a look at what the scene looks like after the tournament.

ECS brought us a lot to talk about. Among those things are the excellent game between NiP and Astralis, and the complete opposite performance of them in the face of Cloud9, as well as the first three millionaires in the history of CS: GO.

Danish excellence

Let’s start with the winners of the tournament. For the second year in a row, Astralis has dominated the CS: GO scene, and few people can beat this team. MIBR were very close to victory over the Danes, finishing both cards with the closest possible score – 16:14 on Inferno and 22:20 on Overpass.

Who knows, maybe if Fernando “fer” Alvarenga did not perform so poorly in the finals, maybe Made in Brazil and could take one map. Or maybe even win it at all, as they already did in the match of the winners bracker of group A. By the way, after this tournament, fer will take a short pause in performances due to health problems. Who will replace him is unknown.

Where is Cloud9?

Surely, many have noticed how “cloudy” come out after winning ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. The best result for Cloud9 this year, after winning the major, was second place in cs_summit2, where they lost to compatriots from Team Liquid with the score 3: 2.

What can help C9 again become a threat to top teams? It is hard to guess. The team has repeatedly made changes in the composition, and recently acquired a top Frenchman Fabien “kioShima” Fieu, but he could not help the team to return to their positions. Maybe in the future, the guys will play, but so far the game Cloud9 delivers causes extremely mixed feelings.

NiP can still perform

Throughout its history, Ninjas in Pajamas have been a top team, it’s hard to deny that. Many will disagree with me, because they remember the time when the guys went to the finals of each major, and believe that the quarter-finals or semi-finals for them is not a significant achievement.

Even at the time when NiP could not reach the major, they consistently took top places, or even won at other tournaments. The same happened at ECS – NiP under the net carried NRG and North but lost in the semifinal against Astralis with a score of 2: 1.

After the game, the captain of Astralis Lucas “gla1ve” Rossander noted that the games against NiP are always difficult and they have become stronger since their last meeting. I wonder what will happen next?

For device — MVP medal record

Speaking of the rivalry between Ninjas in Pajamas and Astralis. The previous MVP medal record from HLTV was held by Christopher “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund with ten medals. Eventually Kennis “KennyS” Schrab and Nikolai “device” Reedtz caught up with him, but after the latest tournament the title of the most MVP holder belongs entirely to device.

For the player, who is only 23 years old, winning the ECS brought him the eleventh medal overall. By the end of the year, Astralis will play in two more top events — BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 and ESL Pro League 8 Finals tournaments. Who knows, maybe Nikolai will be able to replenish his MVP piggy bank with two more medals.

Unless someone like Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev can step up at those events and snatch the MVP medal for himself, another title for device seems very likely.

Money money money

The victory at ECS made three veterans of Astralis — Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen and Nicolai “device” Reedtz became the first players in the history of CS:GO, to earn a million dollars from prize money. Xyp9x leads the group with  $1,038,721 USD, followed by dupreeh with $1,035,922 and device with $1,033,423.

Nikolay “device” Reedtz sometimes takes breaks from the game due to his health problems, this explains his lag in prize money from his teammates.

What is yet to come

December will hold several top-tier events, two of which — BLAST Pro Series Lisbon 2018 and ESL Pro League 8 Finals, will feature most of the best teams in the world. Astralis have been looking very dominant throughout the year, but if any team is looking to challenge that in 2018 that would be their shot.

Natus Vincere, while missing the ECS finals, will attend both of the events and are aiming only for the highest position. So will Made in Brazil. While NiP will miss ESL Pro League Finals, they will try to keep the momentum and redeem themselves at BLAST Pro Series Lisbon.

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