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A few weeks ago, my attention was grabbed by the fact that the appearance of VALORANT may bring a new opportunity for people who have been discarded by other games. Most notably, on the Counter-Strike stage, due to bans delivered long ago for different reasons.

The fact that Blizzard’s behavior in the esports field is incomprehensible to many is not to be mentioned — such messages have been appearing for a long time. Currently, the entire Overwatch scene is practically limited to OWL, and the so-called tier 2 in the form of Overwatch Contenders has been left alone and more and more teams are withdrawing from participation at this level due to insufficient support and promotion.

So we come slowly to the place where you are either in the Overwatch League or you play for free, hoping that someone will notice you somewhere. Interestingly, according to Seb “numlocked” Barton, who in the past was associated with Los Angeles Valiant, dissatisfaction is to embrace even players who appear in the highest class. And this is where VALORANT appears, all in shining white.

Many people have quite a lot of hopes for this title — and rightly so, because we’re talking about a game that is supposed to come out of the studio responsible for League of Legends. And although no binding declarations have been made in esports terms, it can be assumed with 99% certainty that the production scene will be created sooner rather than later. After all, Riot employed Kasra Jafroodi, who had been an esports analyst at Blizzard for years, and who is currently working at VALORANT, building a strategy around electronic competition around it.

So it may end up so that people who are unhappy with what is happening in games in which they have competed so far will move somewhere else. And an FPS from the creators of LoL will be very attractive in this respect.

We don’t have to stop at Overwatch anyway. Braxton “swag” Pierce already announced his entry to the stage, who in CS: GO had nothing to look forward to for several years because of the lifelong ban imposed by Valve. A lot in this respect is also happening in Fortnite, which is probably already at the peak of its popularity.

Also in esports, 2020 promises to be poorer than 2019. Therefore, players are looking for a new safe haven for themselves — even Harrison “Psalm” Chang, that is, last year’s runner-up, decided to do so. “My dream is to become the most successful player in gaming history,” said the American. “I thank Fortnite for everything. I was given the chance to achieve what only few have achieved. Now, however, I focus my gaze on VALORANT.”

More importantly he won’t be the only one to do so.

The online shooter from Riot can therefore offer a lot to many. Maybe not necessarily among the leading players associated with Counter-Strik or Rainbow Six: Siege. Above all, smaller scenes should be afraid of not properly shaped esports structure and slightly neglected by their creators. It is from there that the largest influx of dissatisfied may come, who will be looking for a second chance, and thanks to reasonably recognizable names they will have an easier start, because organizations are more likely to look in their direction.

So it remains to be seen — be afraid Overwatch, be afraid Fortnite, be afraid Apex, be afraid PUBG, be afraid Quake. You, CS:GO, don’t have to be afraid. At least for now.

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