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If you are interested in more than the European top League of Legends competition and follow what is happening overseas, you are certainly counting the last hours before the start of the League of Legends Championship Series. Top-level games in North America start tomorrow night, which is certainly good news.

However, we have less pleasant news for fans of Jake “Xmithi” Puchero — it looks like (at least at the beginning of the split) the jungle player in the North American league will not appear.

Immortals yesterday presented the composition for the upcoming round of struggles. Instead on the 29-year-old, in the jungle we will see Nicholas “Potluck” Pollock, the current player of the academy. In addition, Johnny “Altec” Ru, Austin “Gate” Yu and the French duo Paul “sOAZ” Boyer and Jeremy “Eika” Valdenaire also secured their involvement in the main line-up.

This raises the question of what’s next for Xmithie. Considering that he still appears as an IMT player in the official Riot Games contract database, Puchero has not decided to change club colors for the summer split, i.e. he will start the summer round by playing at the academy. We calm down the enthusiasts of his game — this is only the composition for the first week of the main phase, so if this formation does not go well enough, Xmithie could come back. Of course, the withdrawal from the first team was the result of the desire for a roster change, and not other problems, e.g. health.

The amended person, however, did not speak officially on this matter. Immortals roster for the first week of LCS games will be as follows:

Paul “sOAZ” Boyer
Nicholas “Potluck” Pollock
Jeremy “Eika” Valdenaire
Johnny “Altec” Ru
Austin “Gate” Yu
Thomas “Zaboutine” Si-Hassen – coach

LCS 2020 Summer Split will start at night from 12 to 13 June at 3:00 CEST. 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses will be the first to fight. We will have to wait one more day for the first Immortals match, because the inaugural Immortals match will start at midnight on June 13-14. You can find the full LCS schedule at this address.

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