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There are thousands of quests in World of Warcraft. Most of them are pretty similar: kill 10 wolves, bring 7 skins, hand over the package, and so on. But humor is not alien to Blizzard, so sometimes they add really funny and unusual tasks. Of course there are much more than five of them, but I have collected the ones that I remember the most. Let’s Go!

Pacifist Chump

We all know that the ogres are quite warlike and bloodthirsty people who recognize only strength and only know how to beat everyone on the head with their club. But not Chump. He dwells in the Smoldering Gorge and asks the player to go with him on an adventure without any violence.

For example, we need to kill spiders and collect some kind of iron from them. The ogre declares that you don’t need to kill anyone, it is better to ride spiders and the necessary ingredient will stick to the belly by itself. And so we watch as a happy and carefree ogre jumps on the spiders and laughingly dissects them, getting the necessary ingredient.

Chump doesn’t even want to kill evil dwarves. Instead of bloodshed, he prefers a sleep jump. The ogre just flops on enemies and stuns them. He also loves to dance. In short, he is the most peaceful and funniest ogre in all of Azeroth, but the quest line with him is definitely worth going through at least once.

WHO Let the goat into town

There are many quests in WoW where you need to somehow interact with neutral animals. Somewhere you need to scare away spiders, somewhere to return the cubs, but the funniest task with such a mechanic lurked in the Badlands. There, in a goblin town, there was a problem with mountain goats, which impudently came into the town itself.

We are offered to solve this problem with the help of a super-technological device – “Goatblaster”. We will use it to shoot the most arrogant goats to the foot of the mountain. Looks pretty funny.

The Day Deathwing Came

To defeat Deathwing, you do not need to go into a raid, it is enough to complete a funny quest in the Badlands. There, an unusual trinity sits at a halt: an orc, a dwarf and an elf, who tell stories about how they challenged a powerful dragon when he walked across Azeroth.

We will have to listen to all three stories, playing for each of them. The dwarf will scatter everyone with his crown-funeral hook, the dwarf will enlarge himself to the maximum size, and the orc, like the star of the action movies of the 80s, dashingly reaches Deathwing on a bike. At the same time, a fan in love will sit in the passenger seat.

By the way, there is a similar quest in Battle for Azeroth. In Stormsong Valley, a few fishermen will also tell us the BEST STORIES of how they fought the sea monster and stuffed his face with one left and a volley of rockets.

Welcome to the system

With each new addition, Blizzard makes bigger and bigger heroes and saviors of everyone and everything. But what kind of a normal NPC distributing tasks in Azeroth? Developer made it possible for players to feel themselves in this unenviable role. In the quest “Welcome to the System”, which can be obtained for the Horde in the Foothills of Hislebrad, the developers can be said to break the fourth wall.

You have to give three assignments to incoming adventurers. The quest is presented with humor and makes fun of certain types of players. What is the blood elf Joni Awesome, who, having ridden on a rare mount, asks for more interesting tasks. He openly defies us by declaring that he will not even read the description of the task, and if he does not like it, he will leave an angry message on the forum.

Cleaning the pirate deck

In Stranglethorn Vale there is a rather entertaining quest chain in which we have to play an undercover agent and go to the pirate camp. After completing the quest “It looks like a Tauren pirate”, where we cut off the head and a poor cow to pass it off as an admiral Tauren, we will be accepted into the gang of Bloodsail Pirates.

And so we arrive aboard the ship and … set off to clean the deck. The local captain absolutely does not care that we decapitated his main enemy, so we sadly take a bucket of water and start scrubbing the ship, on which stains appear more and more often. Oh, not how I imagined a dashing pirate life. True, then we will recoup these exploiters of honest heroes and kill all the pirates.

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