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Update: See the updated review after extended use at the bottom of the article. The following text was unedited and is as published originally:

For maximum immersion in the world of the game, comfort is required. After all, if you are constantly distracted by the inconvenience, it is impossible to fully enjoy the world of video games. In the past, few people thought about comfort during the game, especially if they were gathered by the company or the whole family …

The members of the group were located, as a rule, haphazardly. During the era of consoles, a very voluminous TV box with a kinescope was located on an equally heavy pedestal stand. Moving such an array was very difficult. In addition, very often the length of the wire from the joystick to the console was about half a meter, and it was impossible to reach a comfortable sofa or chair with comfort in principle. In an attempt to make the pastime a little more comfortable, pillows were used, which at that time replaced much more comfortable chairs. Although much more often, everyone just landed on the floor near the console.

Of course, everyone understands that the player holding the gamepad was not worried about comfort. In addition, the joystick itself was often made of cheap plastic, and therefore, after ten minutes of active play, he strove to slip out all the time. Children were allowed to play for about half an hour a day, and therefore the hook position was not too critical for them. But parents didn’t mind relieving stress after a hard day and playing a game, often playing for longer than 30 minutes. And naturally, many of them later faced the problem of “how now, in fact, to straighten out?”

Years passed, and thin plasma panels replaced the huge TV boxes. Gamepads have gained wireless connectivity and it has become possible to sit on a far-standing sofa or chair. The game audience has expanded significantly, new devices for games and gamers themselves appear on the market all the time. And even for the pickiest players, comfort has become not just a must, but an integral part. In the modern market, there is a whole series of products that fall under the category of gaming chairs, they will now be discussed.

Chairs with increased comfort is not a throne for the player, but a great solution for everyone who spends a lot of time behind the monitor. 

To better understand the real value of a good gaming chair we look at Piranha Byte Black Gaming Chair in this review.

Upholstery made of excellent material, head restraints, adjustment of all parts – this is not an exception at all, but rather an unshakable rule. Such a chair will be a true decoration not only for the gaming room, but also for the office, because it well emphasizes status.

The pricing policy here is versatile. Piranha gaming chairs start at a low low price of 160 euro, making them easily one of the cheapest on the market. But don’t let that fool you.

Even a real racer doesn’t shun such a chair, because it’s almost a real car seat. Everything here testifies to the automotive design – from the angle of the backrest to its shape. The backrest is conveniently adjustable, and it effectively helps to maintain a flat spine if it is folded back.

The armrest is also adjustable in height and this allows you to adjust the overall design to the growth of the gamer. On the base of the cross is a plastic pad for a more comfortable foot support. The chair is made of steel and PU leather. The base holding everything up is made from heavy nylon and insures a stability without losing form over time. 

This is an ideal chair for both professional and gamers just starting out. This model ideally combines functionality and increased comfort. High-quality materials, stunning ergonomics, a sloping edge of the seat that prevents squeezing of the arteries, convenient adjustment of the armrests and the five-arm “Flake” are ideal for users who sit in one place for a long time.

And the sturdy construction underlying the Piranha Byte seat is capable of supporting up to 150 kg — more than other similar chairs on offer. And it’s perfectly fit for taller gamers too — at 190 cm in height I had no issues adjusting the chair for maximum comfort. 

This high-quality PU leather chair is suitable for both work and leisure. Outwardly, it resembles seats mounted on cool cars. And its improved frame, the presence of a multifunctional adjusting mechanism and a dense foam filler provides comfort and ease of use.

Comfortable fit, quality material, ergonomic design allow gamers to maximize their focus on the gameplay and achieve amazing results. Value for money will also please buyers making it easily one of the best quality for price gaming chairs on the market currently.

The big question is, just how much do you want to invest in a chair? Spend more for higher quality or save some and get best value for your money?

There is no definite answer on this issue because for different categories there are completely different prices. You can buy a chair for $200 US dollars and be very surprised why for a seemingly ordinary chair anyone would pay as much as $500 or even more. The taste in color, as they say,  as well as in chairs, are different. What can be definitely said is that the choice of gaming chairs differs in the breadth of the assortment and an interesting model can be selected for almost any pocket and for any needs.

Remember that a good chair is not all. Taking care of your comfort and your body is just as important in the long run. 

Update: After 1 year of continuous use several things need to be addressed. Most notably, the quality of the chair deteriorated quickly. You can expect the chair to become squeaky in the first month or two. And not the kind of squeak that can be fixed with a can of WD-40 either. It’s deep-rooted within the construction of the chair itself. 

Secondly, the parts just start breaking apart. The armrests were the first to go, their height can’t be adjusted anymore. The low-quality wheels started falling apart one after the other. Different plastic bits all over the chair keep breaking off, even the parts you don’t use that often — or at all.

But most importantly, after about nine months of use, the base of the chair collapsed. That’s right, one day you sit on your chair and you just fall, cause the star base broke clean in half as the cheap plastic couldn’t hold anymore. 

All in all, you get what you pay for. And it’s up to you whether saving a few bucks is worth it for a product that is bound to bring you more headache. Me? I’m going to take my chances with a higher quality product, even if it means spending a few dollars extra.

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