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26-year-old Edvinas “Aikas” Žemaitis sets a new kill record in regulation on a single map in a WINNERS League Season 1 match against Nexus Gaming.

The previous record was set by a Danish star player Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke in their match against Renegades at the DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 North American Closed Qualifier final. OpTic won the match, and k0nfig scored a whopping 47 individual frags. He beat a record previously held by Henrique “HEN1” Teles, who held the crown at 45 kills.

Yesterday night, in the $15,000 WINNERS League Season 1 match, 1337huania’s Edvinas “Aikas” Žemaitis scored a colossal amount of 48 kills in regulation in their game versus Romania’s Nexus Gaming. Even though the Lithuanian team lost the first half 6-9, impressive plays by Žemaitis and the team allowed them to score a comeback and a 16-13 victory.

Edvinas “Aikas” Žemaitis flaunted an impressive 3.20 KDR in the post-game stats. During the 29 rounds of regulation, he managed to pick up one penta kill, one quadra kill, six triple kills, and nine MVP stars. He ended a match with a subpar 21 headshots or only 44% of his all kills.

Aikas is now the unofficial record holder for the most amount of frags in regulation on a single map.

WINNERS League is a minor event organized by World Intersports Network and it features several well-known teams, including regional champions — Bulgaria’s BPro Gaming, UK’s Team Endpoint, Russia’s Quantum Bellator Fire, Turkey’s Royal Bandits, and others. The debut season has $15,000 on the line which will be split between the eight best teams.

The victory against the Nexus Gaming, who currently hold the #58 world ranking, puts 1337huania 4-0 in their group. The Lithuanian team previously claimed wins against Team Endpoint, ex-Fnatic Academy, and KQLY’s eFrog.

Aikas’ 1337huania were previously representing SkitLite and Team Refuse, but currently, they are looking for new opportunities. Any organization interesting in picking up this squad should get in touch with Aikas via email.


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