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With the biggest PUBG tournament of the year nearing quickly, Alliance have announced their new lineup ahead of the competition.

Following the departure of Jeff “FeverishTV” Langvad, Alliance have found themselves in need of a new fourth.

Ever since the inception of the team back in September of last year, Alliance struggled to compete for the highest spots and delivered a series of mediocre results. Most notably, the Swedish organization struck-out at IEM Oakland, where after getting a direct invite to the prestigious event, the team completely failed to deliver and finished 18th, at the very bottom of the table. After that, the team resorted to several roster changes, getting rid of the long-standing members Óðinn “OdinThor” Þórarinsson and Erwin “Romz” van der Staaij. Eventually, the team settled on Jeff “FeverishTV” Langvad and a FaZe Clan alum Max “MeToR” Lion.

Needless to say, the string of less-than-stellar results continued. Apparently, if the team fails to deliver even after a roster change, it must be the newcomer’s fault, according to Alliance. Michael “Ciggzy” Higgs and Valur “veazyy” Marvin Pálsson, who have been with the team since the very beginning will remain under contract.

Joining them this time around will be Luke “TeaBone” Crafer, a former member of Crimson Esports and Team TBD, and Marcus “Realzx” Vining. The two played together with Ciggzy in Auzom Nations Cup, where team UK managed to finish 2nd.

Tomorrow Alliance will officially debut their new roster in the PUBG Global Invitational qualifiers, where they will be hoping to make it through into the main tournament with $2 million on the line.

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