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Results of the first two qualifying matches and analysis of the past maps. unexpectedly lost for all fans of professional Dota 2. 5Men were able to defeat the Vikings with a score of 2-0. The game from the “five men” was more than confident, good team actions, excellent calls brought their results. Ace and his Scandinavian company showed an excellent teamplay, I think they will be able to defeat the opponent of the loser from the FTM-Nip series.

The Viking drafts were more than playable, but it was obvious from the game that the old Boom was missing. The game did not work from the very beginning, bad connections, bad ganks. It is very difficult for the European team to play the second number. Aitembild of the Vikings also leaves a lot of questions, not a single halberd for the team against the Thraxes. It is difficult to judge whether the Vikings rained down or not.

FTM-Nip. In a bitter struggle, the CIS team was able to defeat the Ninjas in Pyjamas losing in the series. On the first map, it was unexpected to see Arc Warden at the peak of Ftm, the game was difficult for our team, but colorful. V-tune showed good play, but unfortunately this was not enough to win on the first map. With a team effort, NiP were able to win almost an hour’s game.

It is worth noting that ICT Charlie and his teams paid maximum attention to control, which sometimes lacks some teams. The ninja still threw the second card to themselves, a good start – a good net worth, a couple of fights won, and now the team from CIS is losing the first side. It became anxious for our team, but after a while it became clear that worries about the defeat of Ftm were in vain. The advantages of the Swedes did not reach five thousand for the entire match, while V-tune and Iceberg were overgrown with the necessary artifacts, Nip did not buy items for defense. As it turned out, in vain. In the third map, we again saw Arc Wardena in pick, but already in the ranks of Ninjas in pyjamas. Unfortunately, the pick was completely lost and it was not possible to see the fight in the third map, Iceberg and the company easily moved the Swedes and their wenga to the core position.

Apparently, the teams have finally learned how to deal with the arch and its annoying copy. Congratulations to Ftm and wish them the best in the main part of the OGA Dota Pit tournament. Unfortunately, the pick was completely lost and it was not possible to see the fight in the third map, Iceberg and the company easily moved the Swedes and their Venga to the core position.

5Men-Nip. While waiting for the start of the match, a lot of thoughts arose about this match. 5 men showed a good performance today, but their game is not stable, whether the victory over the Vikings was a random single action or not, we will find out in this series. Ninjas in Pyjamas finally began to gain momentum and show more worthwhile Dota, which I cannot but rejoice.

I will still give preference to NiP, if they can realize their extraordinary picks, they will be able to defeat Ace and his company. Whatever the result of today’s game day, I hope, regardless of the result of the games, the teams will find time to watch replays and pay special attention to the IT team, because it is not always possible to win a map if you just “fight with screwdrivers”. Good luck to the teams and good Dota everyone!

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