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In recent weeks, Respawn Entertainment has slowly revealed details about the latest, fourth season of Apex Legends. Before its start tomorrow, the game developers decided to present even more information about the latest update through a new note and trailer.

The biggest change, due to interference from Hammond Robotics, will be the edge of the world. In the central part of the map, in place of the former fuel depot, there will be a planetary excavator, which will be visible from any location due to the ray escaping from it. This appearance on the map will also lead to major changes on the Capitol, which was divided by a lava fault into two parts — west and east.

At the same time, the developers decided to reduce the penalty for falling into the gap — instead of immediate death, players will be slowly moved to the other side of the abyss, while receiving 25 points of damage. In addition, a research camp will appear on the map to take the place of the railway yard.

The trailer released today also revealed a hint of a secret when it comes to the skills of the new legend, Revenant — we can see in the announcement that not only is he able to climb higher buildings, but he can also turn into a specter and stun enemies with a throwing bullet.

Along with the changes on the map, Revenant, and previously discussed novelties in the ranking system, in the upcoming season players will also be waiting for a new sniper weapon, Sentinel, which will have special loading mechanics, allowing both short series and charged mode, dealing large single damage shots.

More information about changes in the game can be found here.

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