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The 8th season of the Esports Championship Series has ended! For the fourth time in history, the Astralis players reached the championship title of these struggles, having dealt with the Team Liquid guys 2:1 in the grand final.

The final skirmish began with Vertigo, where both halves were quite one-sided. First, Team Liquid presented an unbelievable first half, which was followed by the one just as impressive from Astralis, which resulted in the overtime. There Danes did not win a single round and the North American five took the lead in maps, winning 19:15 on Vertigo.

The clash looked slightly different on the Nuke, a map choice by Astralis. The team from Scandinavia started in the attack and managed to break TL by 7 points there. After changing sides, Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken and the company won three rounds, and the Danes came to the spotlight, scoring nine points in a row, triumphing and paving the way to map number three, with the score 16:11 for Astralis.

Eventually, there was a skirmish on Dust 2, where players from the Old Continent were leading the battle from the beginning to the end. Nicolai “device” Reedtz and company in the attack were almost unstoppable — in the first half Liquid entered the word of their rivals only three times. After changing sides, Astralis won pistols, but later representatives of the NA scene began to threaten their opponents. It did not last long, however, because the TL comeback stopped at 8 rounds — then Astralis entered the game again and sealed the victory in ECS Season 8, winning four out of eight possible Esports Championship Series titles.

This is the final classification of the ECS Season 8 finals:

1. Astralis $ 225,000
2. Team Liquid $ 100,000
3-4. Fnatic, Evil Geniuses $ 50,000
5-6. MIBR, Ninjas in Pajamas $ 25,000
7-8. AVANGAR, Sharks Esports $ 12,500
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