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The CS:GO season is starting to slowly unfold, so it’s time to get to know the details of one of the major leagues announced in the calendar for several months. The organizers of B Site shared their new name, FLASHPOINT, because that’s how the official title of the competition will be.

FLASHPOINT will be the first league in CS history to be owned and created by representatives of several leading esports organizations. Among the founders of the league we will find brands such as MIBR, Cloud9, OverActive Media (mother organization for, among others, MAD Lions), Gen.G, Dignitas and c0ntact Gaming. The operator of the league will be FACEIT, which until now has dealt with, among others competition under the name Esports Championship Series.

The teams themselves can count on really substantial financial rewards. For twelve league participants — ten permanent and two selected by qualifying — as much as $2 million will be allocated, which can be obtained throughout the entire 2020 season. FLASHPOINT officials also revealed the format of the league.

As they say, the term “league” might be an overstatement, because we will simply experience two tournament phases. Each of them will be attended by all twelve teams, which will be divided into three groups. The situation will repeat itself on the occasion of the second part of the season, and in both cases the same number of tournament points will be earned, which will later decide on participation in the playoffs played in the double-elimination system. Eight teams will go to this part of the competition.

All meetings will be held offline, and during the broadcast behind the microphones there will be some of the biggest names in the scene. You can read more about the casters and cast at this address. It is worth noting that the first open qualifications for the tournament are already scheduled for tomorrow, and you can sign up for them via this link.

Interestingly, even players on whom VAC ban was imposed can try their luck, provided that it took place before February 5, 2018. This is the league organizers’ response to the claims of the community, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the previously binding regulations (i.e. permanent bans).

More details for the competition are set to follow soon.

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