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Six months and four additional qualifiers, that’s how long has it been since The Kuala Lumpur Major — the last Major Gambit attended. Anatoly “Boo1k” Ivanov, coach of Gambit’s Dota 2 squad, said that the team is approaching qualifiers for the Major in a bad state of mind.

At The Kuala Lumpur Major last year Gambit were eliminated in the group stage after two straight losses against Fnatic and Tigers. Since then followed a series of unsuccessful qualifiers and regional events.

But while heavily underperforming at the online qualifiers, Gambit proved time and time again what they are capable of on the biggest stage. Just last month they finished second at ESL One Katowice 2019, just behind Clement “Puppey” Ivanov’s Team Secret.

Team’s coach Anatoly “Boo1k” Ivanov addressed those issues in an interview with Maincast, he also said that the players were already accustomed to playing in front of an audience, and also named the most comfortable conditions for the right performance.

About playing on stage

“I think the guys have no jitters, nothing like that. We played ESL in Katowice on stage. There was a fairly large audience. Therefore, for us it is not the first time. If it were still something new, perhaps uncomfortable situations would appear.

And there is more motivation for us too: when there are spectators, it seems that the tournament is a little bigger than when you play in a closed room and silence around. ”

About Major qualifiers

“At the Major qualifiers every time something goes wrong. We cannot solve it or correct it somehow. Probably it’s still early for us. It seems that three months have passed only, and during this time we have not been able to show the result we want in the qualifiers.

But we played only two qualifiers to the Majors. Yes, they were unsuccessful, but it seems to me that if we take a long distance — a year or half a year — then we will probably show better results.

To be honest, it seems to me that we are just trying too hard. We very much want [to pass to the Major] and from this, when something goes wrong, we get even more upset. It all accumulates like a snowball.

As a result, we are not very worried because we need to win a Major — we just want to play better. It stars in complete chaos due to the fact that we are not in the best shape to qualify for the Major. So it coincided. I hope this will all be forgotten in the long run and we will simply perform well, regardless of whether it is a Major or something else. ”

About unusual strategies

“If we play relaxed, then we definitely play much better. I do not know which ideas we steal, or where we get them, but we test a lot of ideas during clan wars. Perhaps, therefore, it seems that we are playing with not the weakest teams and they take something from us.

The fact is that there is no strong pressure on us, and we are just starting to try to implement some ideas. Someone, perhaps, may like these ideas, and then they take them from our practice to themselves. We have a lot of ideas. If we do not have any pressure on each other or in our own head’s, we can realize our ideas in-game. It happens to me too.

In the grand finals of the past minor, I had a wild realization. In one of the games I said: “Guys, I don’t understand what is happening at all. What about our draft?”. I was so annoyed with myself — I am the coach of the team, it was on me. I stand and think: “Here I am a moron.”

It is also excitement, pressure, or maybe lack of experience. I do not know how to justify it. Returning to the clan wars: when we set ourselves a clear task and we have a great idea on how to achieve it, we play much better. ”

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