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The premiere of the latest installment of Call of Duty, which this time will be called Black Ops Cold War, will take us to the times of the Cold War. We are practically a week away from the newest part of the series created by Activision, after all, the BO:CW premiere is scheduled for next Friday. 

As the aforementioned date approaches, the uncertainty was growing among fans of the series, especially among fans of Battle Royale set in the CoD world – Warzone. For a very long time it was not known if and how the free game mode would be transferred to the world of Black Ops Cold War. Today we know all the details.

All three titles (Modern Warfare, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War) will be integrated together in early December. This will happen with the start of the first season of BOCW, and the period before it starts will be called the preseason. 

This is when, in order to synchronize, all progress from MW and Warzone will be reset. However, we are only talking about experience itself. Any unlocked weapons, agents, attachments etc. will remain available to us. Naturally, a user who gets a little something while playing the new CoD installment in the preseason will keep the experience already gained.

This means that after the December integration, all weapons and gameplay elements from both Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War will now be available in Warzone. There are also plans to update Battle Royale with every expansion pack that will be released with each BOCW season. Naturally, by using a piece of Modern Warfare equipment while playing Warzone, we will be gaining experience for that part also in the MW itself, as before. The same is to gain levels for the gameplay elements added with the new CoD version.

Activision currently has no plans to remove any Modern Warfare-related elements from Warzone. The same applies to the Battle Pass items that we could buy over the last few months. Developers note, however, that for technical reasons, the new content from CoD: BOCW may be delayed at times or temporarily unavailable to Warzone users themselves. You can find all the detailed information at this link .

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