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In anticipation of the release of the December patch for Quake Champions, the community doesn’t subside excitement about the long-awaited appearance of the CTF mode in the game.

Of course, it is nice that the good old “Capture the Flag” will receive another birth in a new quake, but how much will this change the sluggish state of affairs? Will it be added online? Will it affect competitive activity? Will it introduce new big names the world?

Most of these questions can be given very accurate answers, based on previous experience and the history of the developer — id Software.

First, I will say about the good — CTF is the most team based game mode out there. And therefore it is even a bit strange that it appeared after “Sacrifice” and “Slipgate”. It will definitely be easier to watch for the audience.

“Capturing the flags” is devoid of the shortcomings of “Sacrifice” and “Slipgate”, if only because of the presence of two points of attraction in playful attention and constant respawns. The CTF will surely delight the small, but old guard of the band members, those who played the older variations of Quake.

And so much for the upsides. CTF is not a source of attraction for new players, because of the need for the same well-coordinated team game. And you can’t compare it to the likes of CS: GO, because there, even if you stay 1 against 5, you still have a chance, albeit a slim one, for victory. In Quake CTF, however, even in 2 against 4 your chances are non-existant.

A modern set of maps does not favor beginners either, if you don’t know all the forks and corridors you’ll have a hard time. Why not even make a new map, that’s simple and open with wide corridors? In the spirit of Spider Crossings from Quake 3 / Quake Live, for example.

At the pro-level, the competition will go down to 3-4 teams (a la Sacrifice), since super-strong players will want to play with the same as they. Large prizes will not help either (remember QuakeCon 2017?). But in the end, everything will be reduced to four-team events, like it was at DreamHack Denver 2017.

In the current state of Quake Champions it can be difficult to send just one player to the US from Europe. Having to send four seems to be an almost impossible task, especially if you consider that most players still pay their own travel expenses.

In the end, I believe that the 3-4 major tournament organizers will hold the “Capture the flag” events. The probability for Americans to dominate there is massive. Prize funds will definitely be scattered to the Top 16, otherwise, events won’t be able to attract more than four teams.

The general public at first, of course, actively runs around with a curved flag (as in Quake 2, by the way), waiting for the CTF to come out. But then calm down, once the game mode is actually released.

But the big question remains, which of the current game modes will have to go, to make space for CTF? Because there’s no way for this experiment to ever succeed if they’re going to split an already meager player base even more.

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