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NaVi’s revamped PUBG roster is ready to reclaim its throne at the $125,000 dollar PUBG Europe League Kick-off Cup. Team’s newcomer Arsenii “ceh9” Ivanychev talked about the expectations for the new roster and the upcoming season.

Before the season began, Natus Vincere were supposed to be one of the dominant forces in PUBG Europe League Phase 1. But the fate had something else in mind, as the Ukrainian powerhouse NaVi finished way below the expectations, in the fourteenth position.

Soon after the Phase 1 was over, Natus Vincere announced their roster changes, and they were massive. NaVi dropped three of the four starting members, with only the veteran team captain, Vadim “POKAMOLODOY” Ulshin staying behind.

Arsenii “ceh9” Ivanychev was recruited from one of the biggest surprises of the season, the Russian Jokers. From Red Diamonds, who finished the split 9th, joined Andrey “Bestoloch” Ionov and Roman “ADOUZ1E” Zinoviev.

Leaving a highly successful team Jokers to join struggling NaVi was a difficult choice for Arsenii “ceh9” Ivanychev. But in the end, playing for the biggest, most recognizable team in the region has its perks.

How did you feel when you got invited to join NaVi?

Feelings were mixed. It’s not easy to leave a good team, but I made this decision and am glad to be here.

Many are interested in your nickname. Tell us how you chose it? NAVI already had a player with the nickname ceh9, and your nickname is often mistakenly associated with it.

For me, my nickname is associated only with my name. There are thousands of Arseniys in the world, and according to people, they have no right to take the same nicknames. People should root for a person or a team, but not a nickname.

I’m not going to overshadow anyone, because we play a different game at different time. In fact, it is unique, NAVI is the only organization in my memory in which two people played with the same nickname.

Did you play computer games in your childhood?

In childhood I played CS, it was the most popular game.

Do you remember your first game in PUBG? What was it like?

I do not remember how it was, but I remember that I had a very bad computer. The first couple of minutes in the game the textures wouldn’t load for me.

Almost a month ago the top division of PEL has launched in Berlin. How did you like the organization of the tournament?

The organization is at a good level, everything is fine.

Your last team, Jokers, ranked sixth in the first phase of the PUBG Europe League, which is the best result among the CIS teams. Why do you think our region is not as strong as the fans would like?

Some teams were just poorly prepared for the tournament, others lost along the way, and the thirds could not compete at this level. I think all the teams had internal problems that made it difficult to play at their best.

The first phase of the PEL you finished with a very solid game stats. 71 kills and 17555 damage — how do you manage to play at this high level while taking the position of a captain?

I often than the others checked things first, I was in the front line, and I was leading the game. But without a team, I would not show such results.

Now you have moved to the position of captain of the lineup, replacing Vadim “POKAMOLODOY” Ulshin. Have you been well acquainted with the other guys up to this point?

I’ve known Bestoloch for a few years, from World of Tanks, I met ADOUZ1E this year, and somehow immediately found common ground. With Vadim, we talked the least, but I am sure it will be fine.

What qualities a captain must have?

The captain must be confident in himself, be able to make decisions quickly in critical situations and maintain morale in the team.

You saw the NAVI performances from the outside. What, in your opinion, was the reason for underperformance in PEL?

It seems to me that they had problems within the team, and there is no need to dig that up. It was a good composition on paper, but they didn’t prepare well for the tournament, played far from their best.

Let’s talk a little about the mechanics of PUBG. Do you think it is worth that PUBG Corp. pays attention to the circles and balance them so that the teams are in a more or less equal position?

That’s a tricky question. For me, the circles now are the only random component in the competitive PUBG. Honestly, I don’t know what you can do with it.

Would you like to see Sanhok and Vikendi in official matches?

No, they are not suitable for competitive play.

Before PUBG you were a professional player in the World of Tanks. How did your esports career start in this game?

I was just playing a game, at some point, I found out that there are tournaments. I saw one player of my own age (I was 18 back then). He was in tier-1 team and I thought, “Why can’t I play just like him? I want to play at the same level.” So that’s how it actually went.

Why did you decide to change the discipline?

Because the World of Tanks closed the esports scene.

How difficult was it to switch from tanks to the Battle Royale genre?

It was difficult because this is a completely different game. But I always had a good aim and reaction — it helped me here.

Do you think Battle Royale in tanks world would be appropriate?

It is difficult to implement with tanks.

Do you sometimes play WoT for the old time’s sake? Or maybe you just follow its development?

I haven’t logged in for a long time and stopped following it completely.

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