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NaVi’s Evgeniy “Chuvash” Makarov talked about the patch 7.21, analyzed some of the buffs and nerfs, as well as the rework of the Io.

Natus Vincere have been struggling to find their way back to victory. The last major tournament win for the Ukrainian team was back in 2017 at Adrenaline Cyber League where they triumphed over Recently, however, Chuvash’s team managed to show some worthwhile results, including a second place finishes at MegaFon Winter Clash and DreamLeague Season 10.

NaVi’s support player Evgeniy “Chuvash” Makarov sat down to discuss the recent patch 7.21 and what changes will it bring to the game.

The amount of experience required from level 7 to 12 has been increased from 640/660/680/800/820/840 to 720/750/780/810/840/870. How this will affect the gameplay? Does this mean that the life of a support player got a little difficult and the matches will be longer?

The gameplay will not change much. A little annoying that’s all.

Phase Boots and Power Treads, are you happy about the fact that Icefrog basically reverted the changes?

Yes, I like this change. I actually quite dislike Phase Boots.

Valve keeps buffing Lion’s talents. Does he have the potential to be the mid hero? Or solidify himself as a support in the patch 7.21?

You can utilize him in midlane but after his first death, it’s very hard for him to come back. As support thought not so bad.

Earth Spirit is being nerfed once again. In your opinion is that justified? How would you approach this hero and the people that are weakening one of your favorite heroes?

Well, the nerf looks quite natural, because Earth Spirit is the first pick material. I wouldn’t say that he was super strong (but it’s a pity).

Grimstroke was also nerfed. Is he balanced yet or he requires some more nerfs?

I think, in the current patch he looks quite adequately.

Enchantress’s Enchant has been reworked, she seems more powerful early- and in late-game. Is that sufficient enough to get her back to meta?

Yes, we will see this hero more than once.

Io got a complex rework. In your opinion, which changes are positive and which are not? Is the hero OP?

I didn’t understand this at all, why buff the first pick hero?

In the patch KotL got his 30% exp talent at level 10 instead of 15, will we see this hero more often in the pro scene because of this change?

The KotL lovers will still pick him, but in general, the change is insignificant.

From patch to patch, Ogre Magi gets more and more buffs, how many does he need to get to be drafted? What do you think, what is he lacking?

Ogre does not suit into this meta, he loses the lane to the main batch of heroes of this patch.

Sven who was gaining more popularity in the last patch as a support has been reworked. Did you enjoy your time while it lasted? Is he now back to the carry position?

Everybody knows that I am the king of Sven. I think we won’t see him much as a carry.

Has Tusk got a sufficient nerf or should they have nerfed it more?

Previously Earth Spirit and Tusk were stronger then the rest of the pos4 supports, now they are about the same as Tiny and Elder Titan and that’s good.

Top 3 pos4 heroes for the calibration?

As a person who got 3 wins out of 10, I shouldn’t give any advice.

How do you counter rank 3 Slark in DotA Auto Chess?

Haven’t played it for 3 weeks(hopefully, I won’t play it at all)

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