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A week after the competition in Europe ended, we met the DreamHack Showdown Summer 2020 champions in North America. These ultimately turned out to be the players of CLG Red, who defeated other favorites in the grand final, the representatives of Dignitas.

Mounira “GooseBreeder” Dobie and her friends started their adventure with the event from the second round of the upper bracket, when they were facing That’s what she said. This duel ended with a 2-0 victory for Counter Logic Gaming’s players — the same result was also achieved later in the winner’s bracket final, where CLG faced Dignitas. Thus, it was the four American and a Canadian team that could be the first to celebrate their promotion to the decisive match.

In turn, the winners of the last edition of Intel Challenge Katowice still had to deal with Able Esports White. And they did so quite smoothly, beating rivals 16:3 and 16:2. So CLG Red and Dignitas faced each other again, this time in the grand final. And this time it didn’t end on two maps, because we watched the full BO3 duel. What’s more, at the Nuke’s decisive championship, there was even overtime and only after that, the GooseBreeder’s team could raise their hands in a gesture of triumph.

The final North America DreamHack Showdown Summer 2020 standings are as follows:

1.CLG Red$ 10,000
2.Dignitas$ 6,000
3.Able Esports White$ 4,000
4.That’s what she said$ 3,000
5-6.Dangerous Game, silhouette$ 1,000
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