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So far, Group B in the European ESL Pro League is a surprise. At the moment, FaZe Clan is at the bottom of the table and has not won any of the three games so far. Complexity Gaming and mousesports did not suffer the bitterness of defeat, and today they can extend the successful series.

The first chance for this will be the charges of the American organization, who will appear on the server at 2:00 PM. At that time, Team Spirit will stand in front of them, which so far is doing not too badly in the Pro League. It is true that the Eastern European formation has already lost points, but recently defeated Team Vitality, which may indicate that it will not be an easy rival. 

Ninjas in Pajamas have a knife on their throat, because, like the aforementioned FaZe, they have not managed to reach the full set of points yet. And this time, they may not do it either, because the Swedes will face mousesports, which since the transfer of Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras has apparently finally revived.

It should also be interesting at the end of Wednesday’s struggle, when the leaders of the HLTV ranking – Vitality and Astralis will fight in a direct duel. As already mentioned, the French have only just had to acknowledge the superiority of Spirit, which has complicated their situation a bit, but nothing is lost. However, the players of Danny “zonic” Sørensen are in a similar situation, whose balance is also one win and the same number of losses. 

The presence of Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander will definitely be a big advantage for the Danish squad — the experienced player finally returned to the game and contributed greatly to his team’s victory over FaZe.

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