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The M4A4 and the M4A1-S now have a strong counterpart — a rifle AUG, which is now being discussed by all. After the October update with this weapon, more and more often it is being played in pro-matches. Meta has changed significantly, but not everyone is happy.

What happened?

On October 9, Valve released a large patch for CS:GO, which added two new maps, weakened CZ75, strengthened Tec-9, and increased compensation for the lost pistol round. But, as it turned out, the key change was the price reduction for the AUG: instead of $ 3,500 the weapon now costs $ 3,150, i.e., only $50 more than the M4 series rifles.

At first, this detail of the patch did not get much attention. Yes, the community talked about the fact that AUG and SG 553 (which also dropped in price) will appear in games more often, but no one expected that the Austrian rifle could force out the M4: this has never happened in Counter-Strike history. For example, at iBUYPOWER Masters earlier this year, AUG made as many frags as AWP and M4. And in the American Minor for the IEM Katowice 2019, it had completely overtaken the M4.

Is AUG more powerful than the M4?

Not really. Judging only by the characteristics of the weapon, the M4A4 is even better: it has more damage, faster reloading and running speed. It is inferior only in armor penetration.

But the AUG has two really important advantages — a collimator sight and about the same spray pattern as the M4. That is, players almost do not need to retrain to shoot, but for ridiculous $ 50 they got a rifle, with which you can shoot your opponent faster and easier at medium and long distances.

With SG 553, the situation is somewhat different. It surpasses the AK-47 in the rate of fire and armor-piercing, but it has a key drawback — a spray pattern that is completely different from the AK-4. If you can get used to AUG after M4A4 pretty quickly, then with SG you need to completely relearn.

Is it that hard to adapt?

It’s all a habit. In fact, for 20 years, Meta in Counter-Strike remained virtually unchanged: pistol rounds were held at the default weapon, then the winning team took “farm guns ” (sub-machine guns, and sometimes even shotguns), and after that the players bought AK / M4 / AWP, which had objective advantages over its peers.

In the case of the M4 and AK — players for years honed the shooting of these rifles, and spray patterns were memorized at the level of muscle memory. Of course, no one forbade the use of other weapons, but no one was concerned about it.

In CS: GO, the situation began to change: the AWP became different, new grenades appeared as well as different ways to throw them, CZ75 was added to the game. But the assault rifles did not change.

It is easy to learn how to shoot SG 553, but it takes time to really get used to it. Most likely, the top players have not yet adapted to the update: the popular video blogger WarOwl believed that SG, and not AUG, would enter the meta, but he was wrong — the human factor came into play.

Who is protesting?

Publicly AUG got criticized by Nicola “NiKo” Kovacs and Richard “shox” Papillon: what is remarkable, some of the best shooters in the scene. The Frenchman generally called Valve to weaken the rifle before the major, and also made a reservation: the players did not know about the strength of the weapon because they did not play with it (to the question of habit).

Commentators, analysts and other members of the community rightly noted that there is nothing to criticize the weapon for, since the only thing that has changed in it is the price. Nobody prevented the athletes from using it before, but they did not do it even in those cases when they had no problems with the economy in matches.

The perturbations of NiKo and shox can be understood: AUG slightly smoothes the difference in the skill of the players, it became much easier to shoot an opponent from cover (and even more so at long distances). Vincent “Happy” Cervoni Schopenhauer, who admitted that he does not like to train his aim, is now indeed happy.

What will Valve do?

It will be clear after the major. Now AUG — just like SG, by the way — is actively used by Astralis and Team Liquid, but most likely the weapon will be included in the arsenal of other teams as well. In the past, the power of the CZ75 and Tec-9 skyrocketed in popularity just after major tournaments (thanks, Fnatic). Most likely, the same will happen with AUG.

Though belatedly, Valve always responds to the opinion of the community on the balance of the game. If everyone starts to resent, then the nerf is definitely worth the wait. And the most logical solution would be to increase the cost of rifles again. If they want to reverse the meta change, that is.

In the meantime, buy skins for AUG: they will soon get much more expensive.

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