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The recent League of Legends updates bring more controversy than actual, and above all needed, changes to the game. All, of course, due to the fact that often those aspects that are problematic are balanced, and in addition these modifications are usually too delicate to have real significance. Riot Games decided, however, that in the next update numbered 10.4 it mixes a bit more in the game, so we can expect it to be different this time.

In patch 10.4 we will see few nerfs, at least if we consider the characters. Mark Yetter, one of the main gameplay designers in Riot Games, announced that in the upcoming update we will see the nerves of only a handful of heroes. Less efficient on the upper alley will be Soraka and Sona, who have recently been extremely strong in the position of toplaner. Another dose of weakness was also prepared for Aphelios, who constantly dominates the servers. Singed and Aurelion Sol will also be weaker, although they have a fairly high ratio of won battles, but are very rarely chosen by players. As for the runes, then in patch 10.4 weaknesses will hit Perfect Timing, and thus also the Stopwatch itself.

Let’s move on to the buffs, because there will be many in Update 10.4. Not so long ago, the game designers decided to weaken Lux in a supportive position, but now they have apparently changed their minds, so the Lady of Brightness will soon return to the salons in the lower alley. Caitlyn will also be stronger, who is still often chosen by players, but stands out a bit compared to the heroes who build the Essence Thief and Infinity Edge as the first items. 

There will also be reinforcements of Rammus, Amumu and Udyr who are unable to enter the finish line for a long time, who will eventually receive better-tailored bonuses after killing the Wind Dragon. In addition, Riot intends to improve the situation of Sylas after many harms. What about the upper avenue? The creators of the game decided to improve the capabilities of Jayce, Gnar and Garen, but in the case of the last it will be a build buff under the so-called Bruiser.

But that’s not all when it comes to reinforcements, because a lot will also change in runes, some items and summoner spells. Stronger in patch 10.4 are to be the Sun Cape’s operating system, and therefore also an item for junglers – Enchantment: Heat. In addition, Exhaustion and two key runes will be strengthened – Phase Rush and Storm of Swords. In addition to the aforementioned runes, the runes from the Legend tree will also change.

Interestingly, LoL designers want to slightly expand the pool of heroes who are suitable for playing in the jungle. According to the latest information published by Yetter, we will soon be able to watch Darius, Garen, Talon, Zed, Diana and Mordekaiser in the forest. Gameplay designers have pointed out that the expansion of the champions pool in the jungle is mainly directed at players from lower divisions, but we can not predict how it will affect the higher leagues.

It is also worth noting here that the game developers have said that they are already preparing major changes that are expected to increase the impact of toplaners on the course of the game. These modifications will not be introduced to LoL until the 10.5 patch.

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