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Back in the days of the closed beta, players were flooding Riot Games with requests for the deathmatch mode in VALORANT. The creators already assured that they take these requests into account, but are not able to say exactly when the DMs will come to their new production. I mean, they couldn’t tell back then, because now we know that a new kind of fun will be coming to the game today with the start of Act Two.

In FFA Deathmatch, a maximum of 10 players on the server will not be able to use their characters’ abilities. Obviously, in the mode you won’t find a Spike that you could plant. Instead, all participants will receive an unlimited amount of money so that they can exchange their weapons for another after each respawn. After death and respawn, we will gain eight-second invulnerability, but only on the condition that we do not move during this time. You will also be able to heal your own injuries, but for this you will need a first aid kit, which will be dropped by the eliminated enemies.

It sounds rather standard for DMs, but Riot made some modification. Well, the minimap will be refreshed every five seconds, thanks to which we will know the positions of our opponents. So there is no question of camping in one place because even the most sophisticated place will not protect us from the hostile glare of minimap. 

The next element of the game will be a series of kills, for which players will be rewarded with special banners. Ultimately, the first to score 30 frags or the best result within six minutes will be the winner.

Additionally, with Act Two, a new character, Killjoy, will come to VALORANT, who will use gadgets. So we get an Alarm Bot, which, as soon as it hits an enemy, will fly into the air, dealing damage, but also making the target hit more sensitive to arrows for a short time. The agent will also use a 180-degree Cannon that provides additional defense options. In addition, there is a grenade that deals area damage from nanobots after it explodes. As for the special ability, it will allow Killjoy to paralyze all rivals within its range for about eight seconds.

The second act of VALORANT will also bring a new Battle Pass, which will allow you to acquire new items in both the free and paid versions. However, we do not know any details about it at the moment. The only thing is that Act One pass will expire at the same time, so if you haven’t reached the maximum level, you don’t have much time anymore.

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