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In the last weekend of August, Dignitas VIE players took to Discord to interact with fans and answer their burning questions. This is a transcript of that event, which was attended by all the members of the CS:GO team. The AMA was held on Saturday, 29th of August, right before their game against Winstrike, which they had won 2:1.

After the CS legends make a grand entrance with a series of Formula 1 gifs, the first question from the community became clear.

*The transcript is unedited and presented as-is.

Q: Do I see F1 fans?

Friberg: haha yeah we’ve all watched the F1 Drive to survive series on netflix recently. Everyone talking about F1 now.

f0rest: just bought the F1 2020 game also

Q: Ok, favorite F1 teams?

Hallzerk: Red bull F1 all the way.

f0rest: friberg is definitely Mercedes.

Xizt: Getright loves French cars so, Renault for him.

GeT_RiGhT: Haas of course. Grosjean is the best.

Friberg: Kimi Räikkönnen all the way. BWOAH

Q: You’re only saying that cause DTS gave no love to McLaren.

Friberg: Next year I’m 100% McLaren fan. NORRIS + RICCIARDO. Meme team.

Q: Who do you have winning Cologne?

f0rest: Heroic.

Xizt: ZyWoo. I mean Vitality.

Q: Thoughts on 6+ member rosters?

Friberg: Think 6 man rosters are rough, like Astralis have more players to be able to give players time off, but as soon as people are not in a day of practice they will miss out. But yet again if you have all 6 players on the server all the time it could work for sure.

f0rest: Which should be good, having a guy hungry and ready to play breathing down your neck. Could push players to perform / work even harder to keep their spot. I think the take could be interesting, I agree in the sense it could be hard to actually pull off in CS.

Q: It kinda got derailed with the new coach rules back in the day, but now that we’re stuck in online anyway, do you think 5 players + coach as IGL could work?

Xizt: Having a coach as IGL will always be the best, that’s why Valve disallowed it.

Q: What makes it best?

Xizt: You can have 5 players being fully focused on the game and a coach with perfect overview of everything making the calls, micro managing everything.

Q; How do you decide who plays which role?

f0rest: It kinda just happens naturally, everyone has different strengths, etc.

Q: Is Xizt entry fragging right now? Because when watching in seems like he is.

Xizt: Some strats i can go first, but mostly friberg enters bombsites first!

Fifflaren: It depends a bit on positioning and the strat, you’ll see gtr go first sometimes too.

Q: How much anti-stratting is really done? Do you guys actually try and change up setups based on your opponents?

Friberg: We try to see some tendencies. Also knowing what players play where, so we always know if we kill an A player on B etc. and try to get an understanding on how they like to think about the game.

The AMA event was brought to the community by the esports betting provider — now title sponsor of the Dignitas CS:GO team. To take part in the future AMA events with the Dignitas squad, follow the VIE Twitter.

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