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What everyone feared happened — the upcoming ESL Pro League season, like the previous one, will be played exclusively online. This is of course related to the current global health situation, which prevents free travel between continents and poses a health threat to players and employees.

Plans for the 12th edition of the Pro League, ESL announced in early June. At that time, the return to the standard of LAN competition was announced, with the reservation, however, that these plans may change if the epidemiological situation in the world doesn’t improve. As we know today, in fact, nothing has improved, and new infections are increasing every day, so the tournament will again be divided into regions. This means that once again the EPL will have five champions – one each in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.

The current version is that everything is to return to normal with the start of season 13. The cooperation that ESL has established with GamingMalta, an independent non-profit organization established by the government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority, also has a helping hand. “Our agreement with GamingMalta allows us to offer amazing opportunities to the entire esports community around the world. Malta is a developing country that (…) has already cooperated with us during the phenomenal 11th season of the largest professional CS:GO league in the world,” admitted Ralf Reichert, CEO at ESL.

Thus, all ESL Pro League seasons scheduled for 2021 are to be held in Malta. At the same time, fans from Europe and countries around the world will be able to watch the struggles of their favorite teams on site thanks to special packages, which include flights, accommodation and the tournament entry ticket itself. In addition, as part of the cooperation with GamingMalta, teams will be able to organize bootcamps on site, which can be especially helpful in the event of a longer stay in the Old Continent for groups from other parts of the world.

“Our cooperation is a milestone in Malta’s esports journey. Organizing the ESL Pro League makes Malta a major esports destination. Our common goal is to further develop structures and strengthen educational initiatives to support the balanced development of the local esports ecosystem,” said Ivan Filletti, Chief Operations Officer at GamingMalta.

More information about the 12th season of the ESL Pro League and the cooperation between ESL and the GamingMalta Foundation will be available in the coming days at and

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