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Tired of the sands of Bind? Are you fed up with the urban atmosphere of Split, and the specific style of Haven and Ascent has you bored? So we have good news because a new, fifth map is coming to VALORANT, which will come to the game during Act III.

This time Riot Games decided to completely change the climate, moving the action to the frosty tundra. Icebox, because this will be the name of the new arena, on the presented materials it looks like an Arctic base full of various types of containers or an ice-bound basin overlooked by the ship under construction and the cranes attached to it. 

Icebox is scheduled to appear on the servers during the upcoming Act III, which is set to launch in three weeks. This one will start on October 27, but at the moment it is not certain whether the map will become available then, or whether we will have to wait a little longer for it.

Nevertheless, it seems that the action will also take place inside this base, where we will be moving through narrow corridors. Below we present a video published by Riot:

It will now become the second map to be added to the FPS from Riot, following the addition of Ascent this summer. Following this pattern and former statements made by the developers, we could expect VALORANT to release a new map every 3-4 months, with 3 news maps being released every year.

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