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On this day, that many League of Legends fans have been waiting for longingly, the most important European League of Legends games are coming back. After a few months long break, the best players and teams return to the game, to once again fight for the European championship, as well as for participation in the Mid-Season Invitational 2020. Therefore, we decided to ask five, in our opinion, the most important questions before the start of the whole event.

Will G2 Esports still be the dominant force?

For most, the answer to this question is obvious, but it is not a foregone conclusion. Although in 2019 the team of Martin Jankos Jankowski clearly “drove away” almost every team from the Old Continent, now the balance of power has seen a complete change, and teams like Fnatic and FC Schalke 04 restructured its warehouses, supplementing them with old legends and a new generation of players, all extremely talented. All this combined with the swapping of roles between the Samurai players can lead to a situation where G2 will have to work hard to defend the title of LEC champion.

Caps on the ADCPerkz in the middle — a recipe for success?

The end of 2019 was very surprising and at the same time terrifying because information came out that the best European formation, G2, will change positions. Perkz was set to to return to mid-lane, while the new marksman will be Rasmus Caps” Winther, moving from the mid-lane himself. Undoubtedly, both men have gigantic experience and are universal players who can manage any role, but have a completely different style of play and approach to it.

Caps is famous for his risky, selfish and aggressive style, while Perkz is definitely a player more in tune with the rest of the team, a bit more moderate. Therefore, the question should be asked here whether this decision resulted solely from Caps’ ambition or whether it is a thoughtful action that can be the key to improving the style of the G2 game and not only maintaining domination in Europe, but also winning the title of world champion.

Will EXCEL bounce back and fight for the top spots?

People who have been following the last year’s LEC games on an ongoing basis certainly remember how terrible EXCEL was. In the spring this team took the second to last position, but it was not only a temporary stumble, because during the summer skirmishes the situation got worse and it was EXCEL that was at the very bottom of the ladder.

Nevertheless, the leaders of the organization behaved as they should and drew conclusions at the end of the year, deciding to thoroughly rebuild the team, which finally included such players as Ki Expect” Dae-han and Raymond KaSing” Tsang. It is these two that can soon become a kind of team leaders and thanks to their experience allow them to fight even for play-offs, which would be a great success after last year’s fiasco.

Will Fnatic return to the European Championship game?

All League of Legends fans no doubt remember the Fnatic tragedy during the spring edition of LEC, where the team lead by Martin Rekkles Larsson unexpectedly were defeated in the fight against Origen to enter the grand finale. There was a lot of talk at the time that it was perhaps the definitive end of the formation’s successes and the end of its dominance on the Old Continent. These opinions were exaggerated, because despite this devastating stumble in the summer, this team returned to the fight for the championship and finally reached the grand finale, where after a five-hour battle G2 were defeated. Although the result was better than during the spring edition of the league, the goal was not achieved. During Worlds 2019 Fnatic did not do well and finally ended the game in the quarter-finals.

This, in turn, initiated a change in the composition with which saw Mads ” Broxah  Brock-Pedersen say goodbye, which, according to many rumors, was to be a link of conflict within the team. The Danish player was replaced by the well-known player Oscar ” Selfmade ” Boderek, who is considered by many to be one of the best European junglers, especially after his first split in LEC, in which he won the title of Rookie of the Split. Eliminated conflicts within the team, as well as the introduction of Selfmadewhich has a great feel for the game and perfectly finds himself at the highest level, can help Fnatic in dethroning G2, but also to ensure this team returns to the top.

How will Rogue do in its second season of LEC?

I must admit that Rogue is one of the most interesting formations in the European league. This team has a bittersweet year behind them, because during the spring split Rogue turned out to be the worst team in the field and finally landed in tenth place. But in the summer there was a 180-degree return due to changes in the composition. The introduction of players from the academy meant that the formation not only began to be successful but also managed to do something that was only a fantasy in the spring — they were promoted to LEC playoffs.

However, this was not the end, because despite the fact that many experts immediately deleted Oskar “Vander” Bogdan and the company, they showed their claw and advanced to the other ore, sensationally beating Splyce.

In the bottom lane Paweł “Woolite” Pruski was replaced by Steven “Hans Sama” Liv, who according to both players and the training team is definitely a safer choice, and this for a bit calmer and conservative style of play. This, however, does not preclude Woolite’s chances of returning to LEC, because the same people have repeatedly admitted that the level between the two players is almost identical. Nevertheless, it is unlikely to see Rogue at the end of the table in 2020, this team is very well rounded out, because it is a mix of talent, as well as experience, and this will be key for them in the upcoming split.

LEC returns tonight, at 18:00 CET, with G2 Esports facing off against the newcomers MAD Lions in the opening match of the split.

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