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More and more professional teams bet on the young talent, we take a look at the five youngest stars of the IEM Katowice Major 2019 and what can we expect from them.

The next CS:GO Major starts tomorrow, Wednesday, February 13th with the Challengers stage. 16 teams will fight for the eight available spots in the New Legends stage.

Jere “sergej” Salo – 16 years old, ENCE

The Finnish Jere “sergej” Salo even retired in 2018, after the things didn’t go so well for them that year. The retirement age of 16 would end weeks later, with the return of veteran Aleksi “allu” Jalli to the local scene with an ambitious project ENCE.

The team made of biggest names in Finland, surprised early on with impressive results. Out of all of them, sergej was the highlight, doing the double with the veteran round.

The fact is that, even at the young age, sergej is the highlight of ENCE, doesn’t need to carry the star post, since Allu has that role. With the spotlight on the veteran, the kid has been showing incredible results. Of the 17 events in which he participated with the team, including face-to-face, online and qualifiers, none were negative at all. His lowest rating was in EPICENTER 2018 , with 1.04.

The greatest success so far in his career was the title of StarSeries i-League Season 6, with sergej himself being the MVP of the event.

Ludvig “Brollan” Brolin – 16 years old, Fnatic

Another of the club of 16 is Brollan, from fnatic. The young Swede is highlighted by his above average performances since the day he debuted in the legendary organization. Brollan was revealed by the reality show GAMERZ , when he was 15 years old. The performances under the command of the great Oskar “ins” Holm made the eyes of the whole Europe to put in a new name for the future, but few expected that this future would arrive so quickly.

Brollan is marked by a tendency for aggressiveness and very risky moves, but most of the time they work because of an incredibly sharp aim, with about 55% head shots during the last six months. Any other player would suffer from such playstyle due to dubious decisions, but it seems to work for the young Swede.

David “n0rb3r7” Danielyan – 17 years old, Winstrike

norb3r7 debuted competitively at the beginning of last year, by the revived dAT Team , completely unknown on the international stage, the youngster began to leverage his career in the local scene with good results.

It did not take long until he was invited by a bunch of great teams from the CIS region, much for the moment of shuffle that was made in the second half of 2018 there. Gambit and forZe entered the dispute, but it was Winstrike who took the young Russian home. It was them who took advantage of his high investment to give a good project contribution to norb3r7.

After the changes, Winstrike bet on a more experienced team, signing Georgi “WorldEdit” Yaskin and Jan”wayLander” Rahkonen, providing greater moral support and guidance for the young player, who can be leveraged by the experienced, caring for the game itself.

Mathieu “ZywOo ‘” Herbaut – 18 years old, Vitality

ZywOo is perhaps the player who has the greatest responsibility on his back. The 18-year-old is one of the most talked-about names ever and has been plumbed by several French teams over the last few years. The end of the novel came with Vitality betting on a promising player.

1.43 rating in the last six months and different figures from any other high-level player. ZywOo is the biggest name for the future of Counter Strike, considering his current firepower and potential for the future. Young man who was not in a hurry to appear to the world, preferring to finish school before signing a professional contract. Now, fully focused on the game, it’s not hard to predict who will be one of the greats of this year and most likely the next.

WingHei “Freeman” Cheung – 19 years old, ViCi Gaming

Counter Strike’s boom in Asia has brought a new crop of players in the last year. The player from Hong Kong, Freeman is a great example of this. Defending the traditional ViCi Gaming, the player was the absolute highlight in Asia Minor, with a rating of 1.32.

Freeman is already in a fairly common age for the players, but the vast ignorance of the region in which it operates, makes it a name to look closely at major events.

His role in the team allows him to become the star of the team, especially with local opponents. However, in big tournaments, the youngster still has not shown up to be prepared, turning negative in the only two occasions, in the ZOTAC world finals and in the ESL Pro League world finals in Odense last year.


Named by many to have a great future ahead, Tsvetelin “cerq” Dimitrov, 19, is also a good player to watch out for. Much to NRG’s favoritism for such a stage a fellow Bulgarian, Vincent “Brehze” Cayonte also arrives at the Major as a recent highlight of the team.

There are still players who have come back to be highlighted by changes of function within the team, is the case of Ali “Jame” Djami, from AVANGAR, who at 20 years became the main highlight after changing the role of IGL with Alexey “qikert ” Golubev. Lucas “Lucky” Chastang of the discredited G2 has also shown potential, much for being a hybrid and being able to perform various functions with different types of weapons during the confrontation.

IEM Katowice Major 2019 starts tomorrow, Wednesday, February 13th with the Challengers stage.

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