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Fortnite is undoubtedly a huge phenomenon today, not only on the personal computer market but also among portable platforms. The production has long been on store shelves in both Google and Apple online stores – but it is no longer there.

The company responsible for the iOS system was the first to remove the game. This was due to a new form of payment that Epic introduced to the game against the Terms of Service, which completely bypassed the systems created by Apple. At the same time, a permanent discount of 20 percent was imposed on V-Bucks. Thus, the Fortnite developers collected the full amount as part of the micropayment, and if they did it through the store, they would have to give a 30% margin to the device manufacturer. 

The problem is that such an internal sale of content is one of the conditions for placing the game on the AppStore, which would mean that Epic broke the rules. Some time later, Fortnite also disappeared from Google Play — probably for the same reason.

Tim Sweeney’s company was not about to passively watch as its ability to reach customers was cut back. A video has already been released promoting the hashtag #FreeFortnite, which is also a parody of Apple’s advertisement, and also refers to the novel by George Orwell titled 1984.

In addition, Epic has filed a lawsuit in California against Apple and Google demanding that Fortnite be restored to the iOS and Android stores.

Until the matter is resolved, users who have used the AppStore and Play Store versions will not get the new updates. This means that they are likely to miss the new competitive season, which should start later this month.

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