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If someone before the start of this week’s League of Legends European Championship said that G2 Esports will lose to FC Schalke 04, probably would be considered insane. That is not to say that no one has said those words. They did. Followed by “it’s all in the script”, common meme on reddit. Yesterday’s defeat of the Samurai from Misfits Gaming, however, sowed a seed of uncertainty, but the class difference between the Rabbits and the team from Germany seemed too large to put S04 also as a potential G2 slayer. And yet — Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and the company will finish the fourth week of games without a single win, while Schalke 04 can enjoy the long-awaited first victory. How the tables have turned.

The first kill in the game was taken by Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle after the best dive under the rivals tower and Schalke’s quick reaction to this play. Two minutes later, Luka “PERKZ” Perković also fell, and the murder went again to the account of Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev. As a result, S04 led in gold, and in the ninth minute, it won the Fire Dragon. As if that was not enough, soon after that Jankos also fell, but after the tenth minute the situation changed. 

It all started with a great use of the Herald on the upper lane, with the help of which G2 destroyed two towers, completely eliminating the gold deficit. Soon, they even managed to take the lead on the the middle avenue and turn off Felix “Abbedagge” Braun. However, the Royal-Blue didn’t say the last word, and after switching off Janus again and destroying the tower on top, they leveled the game again. In the next minutes G2 got rid of the two structures on the road, but once again Schalke gathered to answer, this time on the lower lane.

Shortly after the lapse of twenty minutes the Samurai to the spectators’ surprise and probably even greater surprise for Schalke players, started dropping. Exploiting the potential of purple gain was not so devastating, because G2 clearly respected their rivals. In the 27th minute after eliminating two opponents S04 rushed to Baron and the vision of the first win of this team was more and more real. The more that a moment after that once again beat two rivals and got rid of the inhibitor on mid.

The third Baron in the game also hit Schalke’s account, and soon after winning the battle for the Dragon — for the S04 by the weight of his Soul — it seemed to be over. PERKZ, however, kept putting pressure on his inhibitors and got rid of two of them himself. In 42 minutes, however, Croatian tactics turned against G2 — this time it was Abbedagge who teleported to the base of rivals and began the final assault of his team, and soon after Dreams came to his aid. Two players were enough to deal a decisive blow and cause an incredible upset in LEC.

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