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Gen. G Esports could not have wished for a better LAN debut on the CS:GO stage. The organization’s players triumphed in DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020, without losing a single map. At the same time, they also secured promotion to the prestigious DreamHack Masters Jönköping 2020 event.

Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand and his colleagues already in the semi-final presented their championship aspirations, defeating North after a fierce battle. The Danes were an extremely demanding rival and both on Dust2 and Mirage fought until the last moments, leading to overtime. However, they finally lost 0:2.

In turn, FURIA Esports and Complexity Gaming faced each other in the second semi-final match. During this skirmish we have already watched the full three maps — coL players who won Mirage started better, but FURIA responded on Overpass. As a result, everything was to be decided on Nuke, on which everything was settled in favor of the Brazilians only with the result 16:14.

In the finals, however, we again witnessed only two duels. Maybe there would be three if FURIA did not make so many mistakes. These, however, were like water on the Gen.G players’ mill — they effectively exposed all the shortcomings in the opponents’ game, which was particularly evident on Nuke, because it was there that they managed to smoothly overcome them 16: 7.

Inferno brought us a lot more excitement. It was true that BnTeT and company made a better start, but after changing sides, they clearly lowered their tone, releasing the lead and allowing the opponents to reach overtime. Nevertheless, the dominance of the North American team was undeniable, which is why Gen. G triumphed 19:15.

The final DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 standing and the distribution of the prize pool:

1. Gen.G – $ 50,000
2. FURIA Esports – $ 20,000
3-4. Complexity Gaming, North – $ 10,000
5-6. Endpoint, MIBR – $ 3,000
7-8. ENCE, forZe – $ 2,000

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