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Not long after Dignitas announced the roster change to their CS:GO squad, Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli took to Discord to answer the fan questions in the AMA event. The AMA event was brought to the community by the esports betting provider — now title sponsor of the Dignitas CS:GO team. To take part in the future AMA events with the Dignitas squad, follow the VIE Twitter.

This is a transcript of the event, and it is presented un-edited and as-is.

@thelasthaze asks: Besides CS, what is one of your favorite games to play in free time or when not practicing? Or do you remember a game from your childhood you loved?

Lately I have been playing a lot of F1 and I just bought myself a steering wheel, it’s so difficult but I love it. 🙂

@Bl4zzy asks: What’s your daily routine?

A normal day when we have practice I wake up at like 11:30-45, then I get something to drink/eat before we start our practice. We usually have lunch break at 14:00 so then I eat my lunch, maybe watch a youtube video or some twitch streams. At 18:15 we are done with pracc so I usually eat some dinner, then for the rest of the day i just sit by my computer and chill 😀

@chloe_hime7 asks: How did it feel to play in a team as a young talent surrounded by 5 legends?

It feels amazing just being able to say that i got the opportunity to play with some of the most legendary players the game has.

@VgarEsport asks: Who is the next norwegian talent who will make an impact on tier 1 CS?

I think bfr got a big potential to do some damage at a high level if he gets the opportunity.

@boro494 asks: Apples or bananas?

Bananas, everyday of the week.

@4TLoveOfEsports asks: Think that 2021 is going to go better for @dignitas than this year?

I believe so yes, can’t say that this year has been the best for us so if it’s not better next year I’m gonna be disappointed.

@GHWBushFan1 asks: What’s your favorite anime?

I have never watched a anime show, and probably never will to be honest.

@obvn asks: What is your personal goal in CS?

My personal goal in cs is to get ranked #1 in the world by hltv atleast 3 times. Shooting for the stars.

@Irishpotato420 asks: what made you choose dig as your team?

I would have never forgiven myself if I said no to play with such big legends of the game. I knew a couple other teams were interested in me, but I had already decided that I wanted to play with Dignitas.

@baltzerolsen asks: What’s the most common mistake you see players struggling with that hinders them from reaching global/top-tier?

Hmm that’s a hard question, but I would say that a lot of people don’t commit enough time into the game.

@askpat13 asks: What’s your least favorite day of the week?

Thursday… it’s just a waiting day for Friday.

@evilmONstr asks: What’s the biggest difference between a huge organization like @dignitas and the Norwegian organizations?


@Marco10427 asks: Why do you play CS? What was the reason to start cs?

The reason I started playing cs is because of my brothers, they both played it so I obviously had to play it.

@james46263336 asks: Who would you say was your role model growing up in CS or in esports?

hellzerk, one of my brothers. He was a pro in 1.6 so I looked up to him a lot. I also kinda stole his nick (don’t tell him)

@Simongu01 asks: Who do you want to see as replacement for xizt and get right?

I will let fifflaren and vendetta handle that 😉

@_TheLynx__ asks: Do you have a car and what is your dream car?

I don’t have the driving license yet so no I don’t have a car 🙁 but my dream car would be the Ferrari gtc4lusso maybe, or just a Ferrari 488.

@Aiden38240698 asks: Do you like being a main awper? Or are you more of a rifler that is filling the role because of your ability?

I love being the main awper, never want to change role.

@AuntJemima821 asks: What’s your gas station go-to snacks?

Norwegian chocolate. Freia Melkesjokolade is the best one by far.

@RoOOOOoRK asks: What were your expectations going into Dignitas and how did you feel after you didn’t get the results you probably wanted?

I was hoping that we could do some damage against tier 1 teams and do some “upsets” here and there. Maybe win a tournament or two, but it didn’t go that way. I am of course sad that we didn’t get to show our potential as a team, but now I’m ready to grind again when we sign two new players.

@rynelson1101 asks: What’s been the best/coolest part about playing with legends of the game?

The best part is that I know that I’m learning from the best.

@dralfredpennywo asks: If you could be any fruit, what fruit would you be?

You can never go wrong with a banana.

@f0rest & @friberg ask: Why do you love ketchup & frozen pizzas & why are you so damn cute?

Ketchup makes everything taste better. Frozen pizzas has to be the easiest and one of the best dinners you can make. I’m not really sure, good genetics I guess…

@Snom with Knife asks: Can you ask hallzerk what his biggest tips/how to practice for awping are?

The way I practice awping is just going into a aim_Botz and start flicking. Also watch a lot of demos from device/zywoo.

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