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For many months, Riot Games quite sparingly gave us new information about VALORANT, the upcoming multiplayer FPS. And although the creators of League of Legends, especially in recent weeks, have finally opened the veil of secrecy, one issue remained — when the beta will start.

But now we know that it will start relatively soon, on April 7 at 14:00 CEST. It is then that the test servers will be opened, on which the lucky group will be able to see for themselves what Riot was preparing for several years.

Importantly, in this version of the game we will be able to progress, but this progress will not be transferred to the full version of the game, once it gets released in Summer of 2020. The situation is different when it comes to VALORANT points, i.e. the internal currency that will be used to shop in the store. We will be able to purchase this right away and then it will remain in our “portfolio” after the premiere, and will even increase by 20% as a bonus.

As it is a closed beta, the number of places in it will be limited, however, most major regions are included in the closed beta test.

How to get access to the VALORANT closed beta? Well, we first need to set up a Riot account, and then link it to Twitch. And then you only need to watch the streamers selected by the developers, hoping that you will be lucky and you will get the closed beta pass.

At the moment, it is not known how long the tests will last and how many players will be able to try their hand at the test servers. For more information about the VALORANTA beta, please visit the developer’s official website. This is where you can also submit your interest to participate in the tests.

Follow further instructions on the site as described above to be one of the first to start playing VALORANT closed beta next week.

VALORANT will be a free game, and the manufacturer ensures that thanks to the appropriate optimization, everyone will be able to enjoy the game, even those whose equipment is not the latest. The premiere of the PC game in most regions of the world is scheduled for summer 2020.

Finally, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the gameplay presented today, which comes from the alpha version of the game.

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