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Exactly two weeks ago, Riot Games announced that this year it will organize the first competition in the new series — VALORANT First Strike: Europe — which, unlike its predecessor, will be fully managed by the game developer. However, detailed information about it was sparse and highly anticipated, so the community will surely be pleased to hear about the announcement of the dates of qualifiers for the competition, as well as the structure of the event itself.

The most important information is that everyone will be able to take part in the competition, as long as they are at least 16 years old and hold at least the Immortal 1 rank. Such a right ensures open qualifications, which will start on November 9. 

The qualifiers will have a single-elimination bracket and only one map will resolve all matches. The winners will qualify for the next phase, called play-ins, for 16 teams in each of the 4 qualifying rounds. The competition will be divided into two weeks, which means that even in the event of a failure at any of the further stages of the fight for a pass to the main event, the defeated team will have one more chance.

The actual part of the competition on the Old Continent will start on December 3, and we will know the winner of the competition only three days later. As part of the main tournament VALORANT First Strike: Europe, the knockout bracket will apply, and matches will be played in the BO3 (in the case of quarterfinals and semi-finals) and BO5 (final) formats.

Evidently, this also means that First Strike map roster will include the newest addition to the game, Icebox. Teams will have to rush to prepare for the new map, which is set to go live in the lest week of October, and only days before the start of the first qualifier.

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