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Tonight on the Call of Duty: Warzone servers there is another big update in the fourth season of the game. As usual, it brings significant changes to the game. The biggest of them, in the literal sense, was received by the competition in the four-seater mode. Game developers have decided to temporarily double the number of players on the server. This means that as many as two hundred players will compete in squad matches.

In addition, Infinity Ward decided to change the balance of weapons and to introduce additional rifles to fight in Gulag. The full list of changes in the 30-gigabyte patch is as follows:

Changes in the playlist

  • New weapons in Gulag – players will be able to fight in it with a semi-automatic rifle, sniper rifle or only with their fists and thrown knives
  • The competition in BR Quads mode has been temporarily increased to two hundred players. In addition, players will be able to choose between solo, duo and trio rivalry in battle royale mode and combat in Looting mode


  • In the case of equipping a 50-round M4 magazine, it will automatically reload when reloading a suspended grenade launcher
  • The “Stopping Power” upgrade is now applied to headshots. Only some rifles, such as FAL and Oden, will be able to eliminate players with one shot. This will resolve cases where headshots using Stopping Power dealt less damage than a body shot
  • Starting ammunition for 25-round magazines for Oden and SCAR has been increased. Increased the maximum ammunition available for the .458 SOCOM cartridges on the M4 rifle. Increased start and maximum ammunition for standard SCAR and Oden magazines, 10-bullet magazine for SKS, and for AMAX M67 shells for CR-56 and 45 Hollowpoint shells for Striker
  • Effective damage range for AX-50 has been improved
  • A shot from HDR in the lower torso will now eliminate players at all distances
  • Shotgun shells: Increased bullet speed, damage range, and lower torso damage. Dynamic dispersion on hip shot added and ADS dispersion reduced
  • Improved ADS speed and damage range for Kar98k, with minimal dispersion reduction
  • MK2 Carbine: Improved damage range and movement speed
  • Improved ADS rate of fire and speed for Dragonuva. In addition, the dispersion of weapons will return more often, and you will need at least two shots to eliminate
  • FAL: Improved damage at close range, giving him the potential to eliminate with a single shot in the head
  • Improved the ADS speed for AK-47
  • Damage range of CR-56 MAX decreased
  • Damage range for MP5 reduced
  • 10mm cartridges for MP5: Reduced damage range, damage dealt at a long distance, and minimized weapon spread
  • Grau 5.56: Damage range reduced with increased dispersion during automatic. At the same time, the range and dispersion compensation for the barrels FSS 20.8 ″ Nexus and Tempus 26.4 ″ Archangel were reduced
  • Increased dispersion of weapons and reduced stability when aiming ADS in case the player does not have the tactical stock attachment


  • A new contract has been added, “Supply Run”, in which the goal is to reach a designated supply station within a specified time. Doing so will give the player / s a ​​discount on the supplies available at the stations
  • Added “Spotter Scope”, which is a reusable telescope that allows you to scan the environment around the player and mark enemies without detecting
  • Fixed an exploit in Boneyard that allowed players to climb the destroyed part of the plane
  • The gas mask will break if the athlete is injured in or near the circle
  • The squad elimination message will now be visible in Killfeed for the entire team
  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn under the map after winning a match in Gulag
  • Fixed an issue where players using the Tactical Human skin for Charly or the Valkyrie skin for Mary would notice the disappearance of their character models during the helicopter epilogue
  • The helicopter sound during the Supply Choppers event was adjusted too loud, preventing players from hearing most of the other sounds
  • Fixed an issue where helicopters during the Supply Choppers event could spawn off the map, killing players above them when they appeared in the game
  • Fixed an issue where the last zone of the game was too close to places inaccessible to players, such as the center of the Stadium
  • The post-match report now shows the position taken and the money earned
  • Fixed a rare issue where players would respawn outside the game zone when they were bending out of the zone
  • Fixed a small issue where the radio operator dialog and subtitles for the Killstreak used could play the wrong dialogue
  • From now on, you can call up to three precise raids, while maintaining the distance limit
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