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Call of Duty: Warzone has got its first ever Halloween-themed seasonal event. Along with the festival of ghosts, a lot of new content will come to the game, as well as previously unavailable game modes. The changes will also affect the map, where the game takes place.

Until now, all matches have been played in daylight, but that is a thing of the past. In selected play models, such as, for example, Trio’s, the map will be dark. Well, maybe not completely, because in the open terrain we will be accompanied by the glow of the moon, but there will also be shady places where enemies can lurk. The possible thermovision will help you spot them, but you can also cheat it with the Cold-Blooded perk.

A new reward system called Trick or Treat has also been introduced into the game. It consists in the fact that, both at night and during the day, special supply boxes will be available in certain places on the map. You can get out of them, for example, the epic Return to Dust assault rifle scheme, but also special stickers, graffiti or emblems. There are 16 prizes up for grabs in total — if we collect them all, we’ll be rewarded with the legendary Pumpkin Punisher Assault Rifle Scheme.

On the occasion of Halloween, of course, the zombies inherent in the Call of Duty series could not be missing. We will fight them in the limited-time Zombie Royale mode. In it, death is not permanent. Moreover, we will not end up in the Gulag after our death. Instead, we will return to the arena as a living dead, who will not be able to use firearms, but will move faster, jump higher, see in the dark and deal deadly melee attacks. It is worth noting here that it is also possible to return to the world of the living — just collect two syringes that are thrown by fallen players. The team whose member remains the last one wins.

The event called Haunting of Verdansk will start today and will last until November 3. At the moment, it is not known whether the creators plan to enable the game on the night version of Werdańska also after the end of the event.

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