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We’ve known since October that Riot Games is preparing a first-person tactical shooter, which is known — at least for the time being — under the name Project A. Already the first information about the new production of a popular developer suggested that it could become a rival of the Counter-Strike dominated FPS scene. And now the specifics have finally reached us. And all thanks to private playtests, featuring professional players, esports analysts, and gaming personalities, including Henry “HenryG” Greer, Jarosław “pashaBiceps” Jarząbkowski, and Filip “NEO” Kubski, among others.

Some participants of experiments carried out in Dublin at the beginning of the year yesterday evening shared their feelings with the rest of us. “Three weeks ago I was with Pasha and NEO in Dublin and we played Project A,” said a popular polish CS:GO streamer Piotr “izako” Skowyrski. “With a dozen other people we were the first team in the world to play this title. And I will tell you that it is very cool!”

“Look, this will be Counter-Strike’s first direct competition in esports history. This is the first game with economics like in CS. There will be economics, there will be bomb sites — it’s awesome. We played all day and it was really fun,” he continued. “The problem with CS was that it never had competition in this category. I am very crazy about this game. The feeling of shooting a rifle is the same as in CS. Project A is not Apex Legends, neither is it Overwatch, contrary to the expectations of many people. Character skills are more like Counter-Strike grenades than Overwatch skills.” he added.

“I was afraid of some candy graphics, but I will say that it is not so bad. The game is very transparent and it is very cool. There are different weapons and skills, but shooting and movement are more important than skills. Skills are supportive, just like grenades in CS. Recoil is also the same as in CS, not at all like it is in Call of Duty or Battlefield for example. As soon as the game comes out, I will definitely play a lot of it. I think it has huge potential,” sumarized Skowyrski.

HenryG had similar things to say about the game in his series of Tweets. “The gameplay and gun mechanics are super slick and satisfying,” he said in a Tweet. “On the build I played we experienced pretty well balanced and varied hitscan weapons that had their own unique spray patterns and best method(s) of approach for your situation or position.”

“ProjectA is the best game I have played since CS:GO,” Greer concluded.

The release date and final name of Project A are not yet known. According to information from Riot, this year we are to know more details about the emerging FPS.

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