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Just after winning in the grand final of the first Ultraliga season for Rogue Esports Club, Kacper “Inspired” Słoma talked about the meeting against and team chances during the European Masters.

After an impressive regular season record of 13 wins a single loss, Rogue entered the Ultraliga playoffs as the clear favorites. With $15,000 dollars in prize money and a slot in the European Masters on the line, the Polish league was bound to get heated.

In the opening game Rogue Esports Club defeated 3:1, same team they would eventually face in the grand final. While Rogue moved straight to the grand final after a single victory, devils had to fight against Illuminar for the final spot.

In the finals the two Polish teams gave their all, bringing the game all the way to the deciding, fifth, map. In the end, Kacper “Inspired” Słoma’s Rogue defeated their opponents, winning a direct invite to the European Masters Spring 2019.

After the finals, in an interview with Kacper “Inspired” Słoma talked about their games against devils, the Polish league, and their chance in the European Masters.

Congratulations on becoming the Polish champions. What are your feelings after this triumph?

It seemed it would be easier at first, but the games were very difficult. Maybe except for the first two matches.

Exactly, these first two maps looked as if they were written under your dictation. Were you aiming for a quick victory?

We did not expect the characters they chose in the third and fourth game. In the first two, they had their standard compositions. In the third, Viktor appeared under the scaling. They gave us a lot in the early stages of the game, and their characters would counter our choices.

We had to adapt to it, which did not work out so well. Only during the fourth game, and only after it we understood how we have to counter their characters and managed to do it in the fifth.

What did you feel during the fifth map? Were you afraid this could be the end and you wouldn’t win?

For now, every final that I play, i.e. the last finals of the Polish Esports League and Ultraliga, I played full BO5. Especially in the fifth game I played very well, I did not feel any pressure and I knew that we were a better team, so I should have won. Ultraliga recently did not show this because we lost 2:3, but in this match I knew that we would win it.

And how do you feel with your own game? You were very good throughout the season, and now you could sum it up.

It seems to me that I had a very good season. Now I have to show it at the European Masters and win the whole tournament.

Do you think that LEC is a possibility now? There is a lot of talk about the fact that you could play in this competition.

I can show myself, and if I go, we’ll see. It seems to me that I still have to learn a lot.

You will perform at the European Masters, which should be considered a success. You are certainly happy about it, but what are your impressions before these games?

We feel very confident and it seems to us that we will go very far. is one of the best teams in Europe, we defeated this team, and if so, we will also manage other teams.

What now? Preparation for EUM straight away?

We have two days off and after that we start to try to get ready and prepare for the European Masters.

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