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During the last week of the League of Legends European Championship 2019 Spring we are bound for an amazing battle where G2 Esports will face the amazing Fnatic.

The meetings of these two formations have always chilled the blood of fans of the European League of Legends and this time we are promised a wonderful spectacle once again.

G2 Esports became the first team in Europe to secure their playoff spot and now they have a free ticket straight to the semi-finals. Other teams with a playoff spot are Origen, Splyce, and Team Vitality, but it’s not the right time to relax either — everyone wants to skip the first round of playoffs.

With the final LEC Spring Split week now upon us, we take a look at teams worth following this week.

At the beginning of today’s competition Misfits Gaming will face off against Splyce. For both teams it is basically a match for everything. Steven “Hans sama” Liv and colleagues are now one spot behind the sixth place, so in the event of a possible defeat they will practically lose any chances of getting to the playoffs. The issue of entering the playoffs does not depend solely on them, because they also have to count on FC Schalke 04’s poor disposition.

Splyce, admittedly, has a place in the top six, but are still caught in a bitter battle for the second position in the table, which would guarantee participation in the second round of playoffs. So we can expect a very fierce spectacle, in which each player will give an absolute hundred percent.

Our pick: Splyce (place your bets here)

SK Gaming after two defeats in the eighth week found itself in an extremely difficult position. It is true that today’s match should be easy for the players of this formation, but in the next match with Team Vitality they will not be favorites.

After all, they still have mathematical chances for promotion to playoffs, which is why they will not allow themselves to waste this victory. All the signs in the sky and the earth indicate that it will be a free shot for Selfmade and colleagues. Sorry Rogue, but you haven’t shown anything this split that would make anyone think otherwise.

Our pick: SK Gaming (place your bets here)

This is the meeting that all fans of the European Legend League are waiting for. It is true that Fnatic is much lower in the table than its rivals, however, world runners-up have not lost a single match for several weeks. G2 Esports will play this game without their main support — Miky “Mikyx” Mehlego, who due to injury will not enter this matchup on the Berlin stage. His substitute, Hampus “promisq” Abrahamsson, is not considered one of the best supports in the Old Continent, and besides, he did not have much time to get used to the environment and the team.

In addition, Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and the company are guaranteed victory in the regular season, which is why they have basically nothing to play for, except for a vague sense of pride. It gives Fnatic a good chance, who are still not secured in the top six.

Our pick: Fnatic (place your bets here)

This is another match this week with not much on the line. Team Vitality are behind G2 Esports, and Origen and Splyce caught up with them in the rankings — the teams Vitality are fighting with for a second place in the table.

However, that’s not the only problem for the team, because Fnatic lurks behind them, waiting to use the possible mistake of their rivals. In such a meeting there is no place for a mistake, especially that tomorrow the team will be facing SK Gaming in the battle for promotion to playoffs.

With Vitality having nothing to lose and Excel showing underwhelming results throughout the split, the result of tonight’s match should be predictable.

Our pick: Vitality (place your bets here)

FC Schalke 04, despite the victory against Misfits Gaming in the previous week, still haven’t guaranteed their promotion to the playoffs. Thanks to that win, Elias “Upset” Lipp and colleagues are still in a much better position than the rivals behind them, namely SK and Misfits. However, the representatives of the German sports club are not the favorites in this match, because the last few games Origen simply looked that much better.

Nukeduck’s team have no place for failure either, since their squad is still fighting against Vitality and Splyce for second place in the table, which guarantees a huge advantage over the other four formations taking part in the playoffs.

Our pick: Origen (place your bets here)

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