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With the popularity of Apex Legends booming and more esports tournaments being announced for it, professional CS:GO coach Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov shared his thoughts about the competitiveness of the game.

Best known for his time with the HellRaisers, the coach recently made a move to new waters and joined TyLoo. The Chinese team successfully qualified for the IEM Katowice Major 2019 through the Asian Minor but had mixed results there.

In their opening matches in Poland the team behind Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov overwhelmed Team Vitality and Cloud 9 earning themselves a head start with two early wins. Following that, the inexperience of the Chinese players came into play and the team suffered three losses straight, against NRG, AVANGAR and G2 esports.

Moving past the results of the last Major, Ivan “Johnta” Shevtsov talked about the “new kid on the block” and it’s future in the esports scene.

I couldn’t help but notice you playing Apex Legends a lot lately. Does it help you get away from the coach’s daily routine?

Yes, I would say that helps. It’s always good to be distracted, especially if you play with your buddies and get positive emotions from communication and playing together.

Also, games with high speed and dynamics generally develop the brain very well, because you learn to make quick decisions based on a bunch of various small factors. This is always useful, so the game like Apex for me is a combination of the useful and the pleasant.

Why did you decide to try Apex Legends? Have you played any other Battle Royale games like PUBG?

I played a lot of PUBG, so I am familiar with BR games. I like this format. But in PUBG it was boring, I wanted to break into some kind of fight all the time. Everything seemed to be a bit slow, even though the game was like made that way. Plus, I always loved to play Quake 3 because of its dynamics, physics, and speed.

Apex combines what I liked in both of the above games. The advantage is in an excellent loot system, cool dynamics, and convenient gameplay. You can play quietly in a team without a microphone too.

What do you think developers need to do in order not only to keep the audience but to develop the desire to continue playing? Or will it be a one-day game?

I think that it is necessary to hold regular events attracting attention. Quickly fix problems, and add new content (legends, locations, weapons, skills). It is also important to think up a good system for observers, so that it would be interesting to watch the events.

In Apex, the team consists of 3 players. Why do you think the developers decided to make it three-man teams because in other franchises the number is usually four?

Three is perfect, you don’t need more. Playing against three you always have to do your best, because the duel against three is very hard to win. Given the mobility in this game, it is important to move correctly. When playing 4 players, teams would often share two players and then positioning would have been completely different.

Some say that Fortnite is much more skill based than PUBG. What do you think it is connected to? Where does Apex Legends fit?

I didn’t follow Fortnite at all, I can’t compare it with anything. In Apex, the skill is of course important, if you move efficiently and shoot well — you will have a huge advantage. I think the skill ceiling is very high here, especially in team interactions and combinations between legends.

Can you highlight for yourself some unique aspects of the game you like? For example, many liked the respawn system.

Yes, the respawn system is very cool. Now they can not so easily ruin the game to one player from the team, as it often happened in PUBG. I like the fact that legends have different skills and there aren’t many of them. You can come up with funny combinations and choose play style depending on the weapon and armor that the team has. Also very cool is that it does not require a very powerful PC.

Many esports organizations have announced the recruitment of the next Apex Legend. Do you think there is a cybersport future? What do developers need to do, what is missing for the game?

If the developer comes up with a good event system, it will be interesting to watch it. After all, the game is very entertaining and easy to start playing. And if a lot of people play, then there are a lot of potential viewers. In this case, esports organizations and sponsors will be interested in maintaining this discipline and teams in it.

Have you thought about changing the game? In the case of interest and prospects arising in another?

Thoughts to become a player of course visited, but it is too early to think about it. (laughs)

You’ve been doing some great analytical CS:GO streams in the past. Any plans to bring that to Apex?

Working as a coach in CS: GO takes a lot of time but if you come and watch me stream — I’ll be happy to stream my shenanigans in Apex!

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