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It was another disappointing event for Julia “juliano” Kiran’s Beşiktaş, where the European girls ended up third in Intel Challenge Katowice 2019 — just behind their North American rivals.

After a good start in the group stage, where Beşiktaş defeated both Australia’s Carnage and NA’s Counter Logic Gaming Red things turned sour. In a semi-final match, juliano and her team lost to the would be winners of the event, Dignitas.

In the third place match they managed to overcome their rivals Assassins in a three map thriller, 3:16 on Cache, followed by two 16:13 finishes on Inferno and Train respectively.

You defeated both Carnage Esports and Counter Logic Gaming Red in the group stage. What can you say about both meetings?

The first game is always the hardest, right? We had light problems, but after some time we caught the rhythm. As for the second match, it was fine, choosing Inferno we knew it was our strong point. For this year we have a very strong team, we have been preparing a lot and we have shown everything that we have worked out during training.

Who do you consider your greatest rival right now?

It seems to me that there are several such teams. At the tournament there are teams with amazing individualities composed of players who work well together. One of such teams is of course Dignitas, we have always fought side by side with them. Actually, every team is decent, all teams are on a similar level.

Missa joined your team just last month. Are there differences between the style of the game between her and vilga?

Missa acts as an entry-fragger, the same as vilga. Missa is a team player, she moves with the team and communicates well. She is very helpful and brought a lot of positives to the team. I think that is the biggest difference between her and vilga.

You had your bootcamp in Katowice as well. Why did you choose Katowice as your pre-tournament venue?

Because we were here a year ago and it was very good. There is good food here, and besides, it is close to the tournament and hotel venue. We like Katowice very much.

What do you think about the conditions for training at Katowice Gaming House?

Computers, internet and location are very good. Everything is perfect.

In the women’s Counter-Strike, there are not as many tournaments as in men’s. As far as I know, your last offline competition took place in July last year, and therefore it is difficult to maintain adequate motivation and high form. Did you think you were well prepared?

A year ago, before the tournament in Katowice, when we were playing with Potter as RES Gaming, we had nine days to prepare. Before Copenhagen Games, I took part in the WESG, which lasted for a week. We had to find two new players before Portugal. Last year was shitty for us in terms of training and team changes.

As four of us we are together since July, in the meantime we have added one new player. We trained very hard. I think that for the first time in a year or even two years, we are really well prepared and have enough time to do so.

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