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You might think that Valve took pity on CS:GO players for Easter. This is a natural conclusion when we look at the night update of one of the most popular FPS in the world, at the first glance. The joy of many fans of the shooter, however, can be premature, because as it soon turned out, with the long-awaited nerf for SG553 we had to experience the strengthening of Deagle, which, judging by the reaction of the community, may in a very short time become the new most hated weapon on the stage.

A few minutes after the update, videos showing the ease of operating the most expensive pistol in your inventory were circulated. By increasing the accuracy of shots fired during the jump, this weapon now offers fantastic possibilities, also in the case of long-range killing. This state of affairs, of course, quickly divided the community, although reading the comments posted on the network it is not difficult to resist the impression that there are definitely more opponents of such strengthening than supporters. And probably not too much to be surprised.

If this was not an intentional move from the beginning, then it must be admitted that Valve undoubtedly managed to get thousands of users discussing CS at once. Of course, the social media of professional players as well as commentators and game experts were not silent. Jason “Moses” O’Toole, a famous CS: GO caster, wrote on his profile: “Now you will all try the CS from 2001”, thus commenting on the video of the Deagle shots during the jump. James Bardolph is not satisfied with the buff of the mentioned pistol either.

looks like the new update is gonna be fun from r/GlobalOffensive

The above two were supported by, among others Emil “Magisk” Reif. The Dane wrote: “Let me say it in other words. Deagle didn’t need a change. It’s not COD, Fortnite or Overwatch.” Nemanja “huNter-” Kovač looked a bit wider at the entire update. Bosniak was pleased not only with the weakening of Krieg, but also to reduce the price of M4A1-S by $200, because, as he recalls, he often uses this version of the basic rifle for anti-terrorists.

“Finally a nerf! Wooohooooo, it promises to be a beautiful season, because I will no longer troll with this weapon “- wrote Tomasz “freo” Wolski, a player of Invicta Gaming about SG553. Grzegorz “SZPERO” Dziamałek found the night update interesting and expressed approval for several changes that were introduced to the game at night.

Everything indicates that in the coming weeks the CS:GO finish will change a lot and certainly those who will be able to adapt to it faster will receive a lot of handicap over their rivals. And Valve has again achieved what they hoped for – the update of the American flagship product of the studio provoked a discussion and maybe soon will also affect the number of active players, after all, many of them will want to try the changes on their own.

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