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League of Legends

The calm course of one of the most important League of Legends games in the world has been shaken once again by the coronavirus epidemic. LoL Champions Korea, which is the most prestigious league of South Korea, will be officially suspended after the end of the first round of league matches, which ends on March 6.

The directors of the league no longer intend to expose the players and other people associated with the event, which is why they decided to stop the next matches and wait with the continuation of LCK until the situation in the country is under control.

The Korean branch of Riot Games commented on their decision. “Due to the growing epidemic of coronavirus, in order to ensure the safety of league members, we decided that both LCK and Challengers Korea will be suspended indefinitely,” they said in a statement. “At the moment we have not set a specific date of return and we will be closely watching the epidemic to choose the right time to resume the league.

It is worth noting that already at the end of January there were first premises regarding a possible shift of LCK start. After all, eventually LoL Champions Korea started on February 5, but then the first restrictions on people appearing in LoL Park came into effect. The leaders of the Korean league decided that the matches will take place in the venue, but esports enthusiasts and fans will not be allowed into the arena.

Now players will be forced to take a break from official duels because after the first round of matches LoL Park will be closed for an indefinite period. It is also possible that due to the prolonged break from the Riot Games’ competition, Korea will be forced to make the decision to play the remaining matches online, just like in the case of the LPL (LoL Pro League) — the Chinese equivalent for Korea’s LCK.



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