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During the closed beta, you didn’t have the opportunity to play Legends of Runeterra? Don’t worry — you will have the opportunity soon. And this time you will not need to follow the streams of Riot Games partners to gain access to LoR. The American studio announced the open beta of their card game, which will start in January, and more precisely on Friday, January 24.

In a short video published today on the game channel on YouTube, representatives of Riot Games responsible for the card game from the LoL universe, Jeff Jew and Andrew Yip stated that they initially intended to continue giving out invitations to the closed beta. However, after feedback from the community, it was clear to them that it would be better to share it with everyone. By the way, they told a bit about the functionalities that await players after gaining access to the game.

For those who want to get into the game as early as possible and test their skills against other players, we have good news. Ranked games will be launched already in the open beta phase, and their system will be similar to that available in LoL. By winning games we will be able to earn ranking points and after getting enough of them we will be promoted from the Iron circle to the Championship. The second similarity is the constant change of gameplay to prevent weariness — get ready to view the patch descriptions!

In addition to ranked games, we will also have the option to challenge your friends. And you won’t have to search for them again — thanks to LoL and LoR’s activities as games of the Riot Games brand, in the card game client you will find all the friends you also had on the list of the flagship American studio production.

The pain of many card games is the compulsion to spend real money to at least partially improve your deck. However, this will not be an issue in Legends of Runeterra — card packs will not be available for purchase. This does not mean, however, that there will be no store in LoR. For money, you will be able to purchase various visual enhancements, such as the appearance of your part of the playing field, or Guardians, i.e. your avatars in your game, sitting quietly next to the virtual table.

And what about the most important element of each card game, i.e. … cards? Jew and Yip announced that they will be introducing many sets to the game this year, each one dedicated to a different Runeterra region, but also adding heroes to other regions. “You will see popular items from each region, but it is possible that you will be pleasantly surprised by new heroes who will join Legends of Runeterra this year,” said Jeff Jew.

You can watch the whole video above. We remind you that the open beta will start on January 24, so it is less than two weeks until the launch. We can expect the official premiere of the game in the first half of this year, both on computers and mobile devices.

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