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There are games, like Counter-Strike, where nothing prevents us from playing only on one map all the time. There are also Overwatch-style productions that do not give us a choice and randomly impose arenas on us. And what type of title is VALORANT supposed to be?

 “As for the mode of competition,we want to make sure that players can not only fight with each other on equal terms, but that will not have to wait too long in the queue,” Ian Fielding, Senior Producer at Riot Games, responds. “Breaking matchmaking into separate map pools would reduce the number of players that can be drawn. This would not only take a long time to complete the process, but also make it difficult to ensure fair playing conditions for everyone.”

“Therefore, we are not currently going to introduce the option of selecting maps in the case of matchmaking,” explained in the next episode of the Ask VALORANT series.

Recall that there are currently four maps in VALORANT. Three of them, ie Bind, Haven and Split, were already available during the closed beta period, while the fourth, Ascent, appeared on the servers on the day of the full release of the game. The entire quartet is designed to play both in the classic ranked and unranked modes, as well as in Spike’s Fever, which is slightly different in terms of the rules of play.

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