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It’s 2054 and technology is everywhere. It helps people survive the drudgery of everyday life — from neural networks to cybernetic upgrades to flourishing artificial intelligence — but for 90% of society life is hard. Many work for huge corporations to survive — they are the lucky ones. There is only one way to the top … one way to change your fate and get something better: WIN the intense Battle Royale competition in the virtual world of Hyper Scape.

Sounds familiar, huh? Yes, another free battle royale production has just appeared on the computer games market — Hyper Scape. Ubisoft is responsible for the futuristic title embedded in the urban environment.

The game from today is in the phase of technical tests, which you can access thanks to tracking selected broadcasts on Twitch — this is a model well known to us from the period after revealing the world of VALORANT. Unfortunately, users from only a dozen or so countries were selected to participate in the closed beta, and the published list ran out of space after a handful of North American and Western European countries.

This means that others can probably form our own opinion only after the official premiere of the production. And when will it happen? “We intend to release the full version of the game in 2020, but we will show the exact date based on the first tests, as well as subsequent ones. We do not want to share our products in full until we are sure that it will meet the expectations of both our and our players,” we read in a statement from the developers.

And now let’s get to the most important part. What does gameplay look like in Hyper Scape? Each player will be able to join 99 players, who will be provided with a wide arsenal of modern weapons, as well as special skills — such as invisibility — that can be acquired during combat. According to the creators, they are supposed to help players gain the necessary advantage to beat the competition.

However, this will also be possible in a different way – a special mechanism will randomly strengthen all fighters. You can’t forget about the inseparable element of battle royale, i.e. the regularly decreasing game zone. The confusion in the arena can be used either by eliminating all opponents or by gaining unique loot in the form of a crown.

Currently, only one mode is available in the game, the trios. Implementing solo gameplay (one-on-one and so on, up to a hundred) is just a matter of time. More details about Hyper Scape can be found on the official website.

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